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  1. @Pat Stanford After posting i had a did around and found the issue, the database script was using & in the recall of the field records matches by default. I manually edited the script for that query and replaced & with |. This seems to have fixed it. Not sure why in your example it used or and when i started to try the technique it took it as and. But got it working, and found a few things on the way. m
  2. @Pat Stanford Hi so i've tried making a similar worksheet pulling details from the 4 Cable type record formats. The goal is to list all cables in Loom (or with a Loom ID) This is the criteria i used. However i get 0 results. i Should get 6 I also tried it with just two types of record Multicable and Data Cable as bellow and go no records. I should get 2 results in my test file. If i run just the record type gets i do get a table that has all the cables in. And if i run each record and field value in seperate sets, this also gives the correct data. Any suggestions as to where i'm going wrong.
  3. @Sam Jones I was attempting to make a string of data from inputs from vw into one cell. In the example i was trying to put the different parts in a cable into the spreadsheet in one cell. This is done for you in the Multi-cable label format but not in any other record format associated with cable types (as far as i can see). I also want to use if for other pieces. I was missing. the function concat(). Is there a cleaner way of doing this. =CONCAT((IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 1'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 1'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 1'>0), ('m'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 3'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 3'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 3'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 3'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 4'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 4'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 4'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 4'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 5'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 5'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 5'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 5'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 6'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 6'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 6'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 6'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 7'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 7'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 7'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 7'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 8'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 8'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 8'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 8'>0), 'm', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 9'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 9'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 9'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 9'>0), 'm', ''))) (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'>0), '+', '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'>0), ('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'), '')), (IF(('Feeder Cable VW'.'Part 2'>0), 'm', '')), which is the 3 if statements added for each of the 9 cable parts. Goal is to create a cell that looks like this 5m+7m+8m if a value exists in the cell. m
  4. Hi Trying to make a cell that takes data from more than one record and splice them together. Example 'Multicable VW'.'Part 1' = 1m 'Multicable VW'.'Part 2' = 3m Cell 'Multicable VW'.'Part 1' & 'Multicable VW'.'Part 2' = 1m3m What am i doing wrong ?
  5. Hi Found a few bugs in spotlight numbering. 1. Can't number records formats that are not in the route directory. For example if i have created folders to tidy up the resource manager i then can't use spotlight numbering tool to number those items with record formats in a folder. If i move the record format to the root directory i can then use it in spotlight numbering. In the screen shot the only record format that appears in "plant Record". I have as you can see lots of record formats. 2. Numbering generation with spotlight numbering. It seems there is a small bug or i've missed something in the way you number if you use a complex numbering system, for example if i wanted to number 24 units S0001 to S0024 i would put the S in the Prefix box and then add 0001 to the start number. However VW strips out the 0's from the units numbered after the first unit. I found this out when using spotlight numbering to number other things that require complex numbering.
  6. @Conrad PreenCan you also confirm where custom graphics styles and text styles need to be setup now. i Have a series of con cad devices made in 2019. that have custom symbols, they are made as custom socket labels. They used exist in the resource of the document under system_Symbols. Currently if i update any of these or try and make new ones the custom graphics style brakes. Thanks. m
  7. Thankyou very much Jesse. Hinkey would be the current limits applied onto the cable size for example. 120mm can take 302a (its currently set to 200a in vw)according to its tabulated value in BS 7671 ( Assuming a fixable cable to 4F1A). Given that to calculate the current carrying capacity is also not quite as simple as that reference(there other other factors such a grouping protection, and other factors), some of the limits seem odd, i would prefer that that was a manual field entered by the user. Or it should be a simple txt filed (user field) called - Designed Max Load With a calculated un editable field like Voltage drop called - Provisional Max Load. As the limits you've put on there are not editable and arn't always technically accurate then they are a negative effect on the cable tool and could be used incorrectly. however if your looking at creating cable styles then this would also address this point in the future. Its good news your talking about integrating the connectCad tools to the other tools that are already in VW. During the next two weeks i'm planning on creating a template file that merges data between a system drawn in ConCad and one Drawn on a plan, so the two can interface to my suite of spreadsheets that create onsite paperwork. I'm hopeing that i can use VW can help stream line the paperwork process for me but thats a way off. It would be excellent if system and plan paperwork could be linked. m
  8. Thanks Conrad That location does not exist do i need to make it? m
  9. Adding + 1 for this, We use to be able to add cable types and signal types in a txt file in the plug in but i can't find it. It used to be in the connect cad plugin data folder and i could add what i wanted.. Edit: just found the files again however my custom plugs were lost in last update 😞 I have a bunch of old drawings with old plugs and sockets in them for custom jobs. Also in the latest sp3 i think you have added some more cable and signal types. It would be great to add power as a signal type and have a serices of connectors. Also look to interface this with the cable tool (feeder cable, multi cable, data cable, jumper ets). or at least follow the same standards or layouts so you can use both a plan view drawing and schematic. m
  10. Hi all, I'm taking some time to re-setup my site and event planing and use some of the tools like feeder cables and power cables to help create kit list ets. Finding it very useful but in order to spit the information straight out to a form for installing i need to update a few things that seem to be broken. 1. I keep getting this message "The "Wire Gauge" parameter is not in the accepted range. The "Wire Gauge" parameter has been set to "#12"" when i assign a cable to be 240mm power lock M/F. This is not an error i in deed want the cable gauge to be this size. I've found the setting in plug in so i can add my own cable gauges but so far i can't see why i should get his error. I'm not selecting this incorectly so why the error? 2. Max amps is limited by Wire Gauge in a feeder cable but where are those settings as some of them are a little hinky.....Some are limited incorrectly set. 3. i'd love to put the cable weights into the system instead of having to manually add them. As i know the weight/m for each of my standard gauges this should be easy, however i can't see how. 4. Cable Types, Like above i'd love this tool to be more intuitive. For example cable type should be its standard e.g. armoured to bs..... or H07RFN or Twin and Earth to BS...... I could then use this tool in some of the installations i design. and do 90% of the calculations in VW. the type of cable and CSA or wire gauge links directly to its current carrying capacity and Voltage drop. Also has anyone had any luck working with Conecctcad and the cable tools? and Linking data? m
  11. Hi I've also been playing with this tool and i have to say its really not ready.......... I started the same way as Sebastiaan and made some hanging positions and then manipulating them to an angle. Needless to say schematic view didn't work... i also crashed many times. I think the bugs above speak for themselves i just need to add that this tool needs to be built around hanging positions. Because of the link to braceworks and the link to lighting data for position and weight tacking in positions. The idea is to add smart tools to make design and implementation paperwork easier and faster to justify the value of your software!!!! Editing a symbol of a hanging position is a very easy and time effective way of changing the makeup of a truss when you have a supplier or artistic reason to do so. These design process need to be thought about when implementing a new tool like this. Further bugs...... And these are only what i have found in 1hr of testing today!!!!!!!! (how this was not done in your internal testing i don't know!!!!!) 1. You can't add lights to the Schematic!!! that's so bad it's unreal. 2. If you add lights to the plan view of the angled truss it added them in the wrong orientation and height relative to the truss. I inserted a straight truss added 2 lights then made a schematic view. I then decided i wanted more lights on that truss. I tried to add them to the schematic but this doesn't add them to the main drawing. So i add them from plan view onto the angled truss.. This puts them all at different heights as the snaps don't work properly. Also note the angles of the light bodys! 3. Align and Distribute tools inside the schematic dont work properly. The below image shows the align tool being used to fix the height issue by inserting lights after making the schematic was created. The bellow image is what happens when i try and distribute the lights using align distribute between to points (lighting spotlight tool) As you can see no only do the heights mess up again the ordering on the units is wrong. It must be taking the X and Y and re ordering the lights. This is how it looks in 3d after i've done these things to try and get my light into a correct line on the truss using aline and distribute tools. All kinds of wrong..... 4. Vertical issues. I then tried to add a single piece of pre-rig truss add a light turn it vertical and then add another light. The snaps and the way schematic both break. I added a light the only place it would snap to is the bottom of the vertical pre-rig and it shows in the wrong place on the schematic. 5. Umbrella crash. The tool hangs way to much...... Also hanging position schematic - This tool is currently slower than my older methods of doing this!!!!! and lots of its function which would be second nature to make sure work before release dont work! Test2020.vwx
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