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  1. Unfortunately as a mac user i need to exchange files with ACAD users, which i do not know to use. Files i import are fine but when i export files, some thing cannot be applied (drawing is visible perfectly) such as apply a hatch in ACAD and, those files cause ACAD to hang too. I'm really frustrated because of the poor export capabilities.I would be glad to hear that my capabilities are poor if someone came up with a work around.I read the appropriate section in the manual and search the forum but i could not figure out what goes wrong. The files are simple 2D only, no hatches, just walls, and some lines and rectangles. I'm using VW 10.0.1 OS 10.2.6 17" Powerbook.
  2. Hello, It is agreed in architectural designs that when 3D section cut is applied to a model the cut part is designed with a thicker line. When applying this action in VW Architect the lines remain in the same thickness. I can live with that peacefully and fix that manually but the new created layer containing the cut part is locked and not editable so it's impossible,is there a way to unlock it somehow and apply changes? Thanks in advance i'm a new VW user(arch student),using ARCHITECT v. 10.0.1 in Jaguar.


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