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  1. Thank you *very much*. I'm going to play with this tomorrow.
  2. Could you educate me on the Data Visualization? When I double click on the truss it bonks and I get a message at the bottom of the screen that says "The selected object has no edit behavior".
  3. Is it possible to change the color of truss (wireframe) that does not have editable behavior?
  4. I think that when I originally drew it I made it a Group. And then when I figured out that to give something a height (Z-dimension) it needed to be a Symbol, I converted it. I just went back in and took it back to just an Extrude and then created the Symbol. Now it shows up as 1 when I select its Class. Many, many thanks!
  5. Thanks Michael. Please pardon my ignorance, but could you explain to me why I have a Group and a Symbol? Is it because of how I originally drew the I-beam?
  6. I drew this I-beam and when I run the aforementioned "Tools >>> Custom Selection >>> Select Only >>> Select Objects Whose..." Class is this I-beam spanner, the count is incorrect. If I run the tool with Symbol as the qualifier, the count is correct. Can anyone explain this to me? Is there something I can do when creating the Symbol, or modify the existing Symbol, to get an accurate count using Class? PSI 4x6x75%22 I-beam v2021.vwx
  7. Does anyone know if this track exists in a Vectorworks library, or as a dwg that could be imported? thanks, Chris
  8. I/we use Vectorworks for entertainment rigging and although we have Braceworks, all of our load calcs are done with an Excel file. I would like to be able to have the results from that Excel file displayed within the Vectorworks file and update as the data in the Excel file changes.
  9. Thanks Thomas. I doubt if I'm the guy to be able to figure something like that out, but I'm going to take a look. I'll report back if I make any headway.
  10. Is it possible to import a worksheet (Excel file) into Vectorworks, save it into a drawing and then give it the ability to update its data as the Excel file is updated? It's the last bit I'm curious about. I'd like to be able to have the data from an Excel file in my drawing and somehow have it update what it displays as the data in the Excel file changes.
  11. And so I got it to dock by bringing up, and docking, the Snapping palette first. Once the Snapping palette was docked, all of a sudden the Attributes palette could be docked anywhere I wanted. That was strange.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I just undocked all of the palettes and tried again. They all dock normally, except for the Attributes, which will not dock anywhere.
  13. Has something changed where only certain palettes are able to be docked? The Basic, Tool Sets, Navigation, and Object Info palettes dock normally, but for the life of me I cannot get the Attributes palette to dock anywhere.
  14. Alternatively, aside from the BW webinar that starts with the demonstration of how to link truss pieces, are there any other Braceworks-specific training videos?
  15. I've watched the 'inserting truss' tutorial, but am wondering if there is something similar for attaching lighting instruments to trusses. I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to take a lighting plot, that is sent to me with straight truss, and replace that truss with a particular type of truss (insert truss) while having all of the lighting instruments attached to the new truss. Adding the truss and hoists is easy, but I don't know where to go from there so far as getting everything attached so that I can calc the rig. thanks, Chris
  16. I know that one license allows you to install the software on two different machines, but can those machines run different operating systems? I ask because I currently have a Macbook and am thinking about buying a MS Surface Book 2. At least for a little while, I'd like the ability to run the software on both machines. if it matters, I am in the U.S. thanks, Chris
  17. Thanks Pat. I'm only ever going to do this once. It was more of an exercise for me to expand my Vectorworks 'skills', which are pretty rudimentary at this point.
  18. In the search through the web, I came across a German company that has a free piece of software that will calculate belt length for multiple pulleys. Mulco Belt-Pilot I ran the pulleys & dimensions through it that I have in my vwx file and it was close to the same result. The linked software uses metric dimensions and the bely length it calc'd was about 1cm longer than what the vwx files comes up with. Vectorworks shows 869mm whereas the Mulco software came up with 879mm. fwiw, Chris
  19. I'll spend some time with it today, but first I'll have to learn some math in order to check the derivation. After I thought I had it completed & functioning, I went back through it a few times, finding a mistake here and a mistake there, so I wouldn't be surprised if the error still sits on my end. It'll be a cool sheet if it eventually functions correctly.
  20. Thanks for the link. I'm working through it with Excel, but can't seem to get it to mesh with what Vectorworks returns. Belt Length, 3 pulley.xlsx
  21. Gadzooks, That's correct. That's what I'm trying to figure out how to do (in the 'simplest' manner possible). thanks, Chris
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