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  1. Hi,


    we have a tool that needs to change class options while the tool is active.
    When user deactivates the tool we reset class options to the state it had before the tool was activated.


    We use this calls to achieve that:

    gSDK->GetProgramVariable(varClassOptions, &previousClassOption);
    gSDK->SetProgramVariable(varClassOptions, &newClassOption);

    This works as expected when the document has one view pane.


    It does not work as expected, when the document has multiple view panes.
    With multiple view panes the document can have different class options set per view pane.

    That means, we need to Get/Set class options per view pane.


    Is there a way to Get/Set class options per view pane?



  2. Hi,


    it seems that the following workflow destroys the Undo-Stack:


    1. Import symbol into current document (either by SDK or by using the Resource Manager - select import from symbols context menu)
    2. Press Undo
    3. Press Redo -> Won't work (Minor alert: "No undo history")


    Is this a known bug or are we missing something here?

  3. Hi,

    we want to display 3D-objects (e.g. extrudes) while one of our tools is activated.


    To do that we create the objects during VWTool_EventSink::DoSetUp and remove them during VWTool_EventSink::DoSetDown (we don't add them to the undo system).

    However those objects are not immediately visible in the drawing, only their selection geometry is visible.

    They become visible as soon as we create another object and create an undo step for that (e.g. in VWTool_EventSink::HandleComplete).

    Is there a way to create 'temporary' objects (objects that don't land on the undo stack) which are immediately visible during a tool's DoSetUp?



  4. Hi,


    I am implementing a tool event sink by inheriting from VWFC::PluginSupport::VWTool_EventSink.


    During DoSetUp I want to create a Vectorworks class if it doesn't already exist in the current document.
    When trying that many "Beta Undo Alert 9" - warnings are thrown at me (see  attached image).


    I tried to create an Undo step around the class creation but that did not help.
    What am I missing here? Is there a recommended way of creating a class during DoSetUp without drowning in Beta Undo Alert 9 warnings?



    VWSDK - ClassCreation.png

  5. Hi Stefan,


    thanks for your answer.


    Explicitly starting an Undo Event before the import seems to help, as long as I do not end it explicitly.
    When I try to end the Undo event after the import (by calling ISDK::EndUndoEvent) the error comes back.

    If I leave the Undo step open it seems to work nearly perfect.


    Our intention with that code was to temporarily import a symbol to read and cache some data.
    So we were trying to get around the Undo system by not adding the imported object to it (because we immediately delete it before we are finished handling VWTool_EventSink::DoModeEvent).


    Our solution for now is to start an UndoEvent for the Import and roll it back after we are finished (by calling ISDK::UndoAndRemove).
    This seems to work.

    Is this a good idea to do while handling the tool event VWTool_EventSink::DoModeEvent ?

  6. Hi,

    we are trying to import a symbol while handling a ToolModeMessage (VWTool_EventSink::DoModeEvent).
    That seems to work. However Vectorworks complains shortly afterwards with this message:

    "Beta Undo Alert 9. The Undo System is thrown-off by last action".

    Is it allowed to import a symbol during a ToolModeMessage?
    If yes, any hints on what we could do to satisfy the Undo System?

    Best Regards,
    Matthias Ganninger


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