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  1. Oh man!!! These looke abolutely amazing. Stephan should be hired ASAP
  2. Great topic! I used vectorworks on college circa 2008. And I'm sad to see that the interface hasn't changed a bit in 10 years. I'm an archicad user now. But i've always had a soft spot for vectorworks. You can produce some nice graphics and presentation layouts with it. What surprises me the most is that all your marketing and "what's new" videos show a really eye candy UI. When I saw these I thought this was the new design, sadly while testing out the demo it was not. Why not use what you already conceptualized in those videos? I agree 100% with what has been said in here. UI as of now is really hard to read. Lot's of information. No graphics to show changes in parametric objects. And that's something archicad excels in. I would crave for the best of both worlds. Just my 2 cents :P
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