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  1. Some times the solution is closer than everything else. I think I have tried all edit, settings,,, ,blablabla.. Thanks guys for catching dumb as questions to ­čÖé
  2. Hello everyone, I have a minor problem, my seating numbers are way to big. how can I adjust the text size for my seating. Here I have a screenshot.
  3. Hello Joshua, Yes I have check that layer and class pf that and they seems correct, (might be my ignorance of not looking in right place) Here is example of one of the viewport layer properties with empty sheet layer. Also I have attached screenshoot of the viewport list red line is good example of empty sheet layer v/s the green line with new sheet layer that is working just fine, and when I compare them they look just the same.
  4. Id did something ( no knowing what) so ALL of my viewports are empty/disappeared. I have try to turn all layers and classes to ON without success. I can see the viewport frame on the sheet layer. If I create new viewport on an new sheet it works fine. If I create new viewport on an old sheet (that did only showed empty viewport) than I can see the new viewport not the old one. Here is one of all old sheets with empty viewport. Now with new viewport on same sheet.
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