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  1. Yes, I can open VW under 10.1.5. I can't open this particular file and I can't open some other older versions of this same file. I can make a new file, close it and reopen it . Yes, it still crashes when I try to open it through "file open" within VW. I don't get any error message VW simply quits.
  2. I'm having trouble opening a file in 9.5.3. I'm using a Mac and OS 10.1.5. Everything on this file had been working great until I started adding some text using the Graphite font. Then VW crashed and after that I could not open it again. I was finally able to solve this problem by switching back to OS 9.2 and allocating tons of memory to VW, However, I still can't get the file to open in 10.1.5. It starts to open the file, then the whole program quits. Is it the font or is it some other problem? Can I increase memory allocation to VW under System 10.1.5?
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