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  1. Hey @jcogdell, we have updated to SP2 R1 but the cable styles and parts are still not accessible through a workgroup folder. Am I missing something? There is no so much described in HELP and no Information can be found on the forum.
  2. This is a preview of what i'm trying to achieve. As i earlier mention, is it possible to get the information from Input, Outputs with Data tag or with a worksheet? The respective Records are available but there is no data.
  3. In Germany, we have SP1.1 R1. Tto my knowledge SP2 isn't issued. This will be good to show which outlet is already connected and the correspondent cable. Thanks!
  4. I find the cable tools to be very good thought-out but there are stil bugs. I'm trying to get the distributors output with a data tag / within a table but there is data only in #DistributorObject#.#Output1# stored and it change to the last connected table. Is this a bug? Can one also get the names of the Outputs?
  5. Hey, thank you for looking in to this. You are right, but the default cable parts libraries are in the installation folders. Anyway, there is is a workaround and with the tip from @JeroenSnoeijen is much easier to share the libraries.
  6. We are using Vectorworks 2022 SP1.1. The cable parts can only be seen in User Folder. This is also stated in Help.
  7. Hey thanks😁, this is a good idea. I will implement this to our library. But still, i read that they improved the cable tools, so that can be used also from workgroup folder. this would me a good improvement. Thank you again.
  8. Hi @JeroenSnoeijen, we have also a custom library for cables and distributors, but the cables are not seen in workgroup folder and each of us must copy the library in user folder. Is this working for you?
  9. Hello, Is there any way to get with data tags the coordinates of end connectors? There is way but its not suitable for all cases. Thank you Bogdan
  10. Hi @Pat Stanford, the reason is to compare the used Symbols ( in our case Materials ) from a Project with the available amount within a specific period of time from our warehouse. But I'm not able to send the actual count of Symbols to Excel, other then data form record format. I know that the values form record format are defaults, but at the moment i don't see another way.
  11. Hello, with new Worksheet Functions in VW 2022 i hoped to extract the actual amount of Objects, in may case Symbols from a project, in a record field, but not necessarily. What I'm trying to do is to write these amounts back to an excel worksheet via ODBC. Has anyone done this before or do you have any idea on how i could do this? Thank you, Best regards Bogdan
  12. Hi everyone, I'm trying to connect from Vectorworks 2021 to a SQL Server Database but I'm only getting this error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]Named Pipes-Anbieter: Could not open a connection on SQL Server [53]. Had anyone this error received or do you have any Idea what could this mean? I appreciate your effort in helping me. Greetings from rainy Bayern Germany Bogdan
  13. Hi @Pat Stanford, this is a great script and very useful. Thank you for sharing. Can this script be modified or add another procedure, to change not only the value of the Record.Field of all instances but also the value from Resource Manger? Thanks!
  14. Hi @Vlado, I've been testing the connection ODBC and my database and can say that its working, somehow. But not with the DB from SQL which i want. My assumption is some SQL DB settings or restrictions. The main reason to connect the prebuild values to the DB is to count how many instances i have in a drawing and to compare how many do we have in our warehouse in a specific period of time. Now we can check that directly in our ERP system but the amount of data that we must compare is to large and takes a while. Until now we've done this using the VW tables to count the amount of instances which worked great for us. And to be more clearly we are never changing the prebuild values from our library. We have no interest to do this for the large part of our library is a system and don't want to mess up with our data. I've managed to this during my tests with another DB. I am using VW 2020 SP2.2R1 in german. Yes i think will be doable but must run more tests. I think the best solution in our case would be when the Symbols are inserted in the drawing, these would be already connected to DB. Now the question is how can read data in a specific period of time. But this must be done in SQL, i think or with scripting. Which one would you recommend? Best regards, Bogdan
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