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  1. Hi @Vlado, I've been testing the connection ODBC and my database and can say that its working, somehow. But not with the DB from SQL which i want. My assumption is some SQL DB settings or restrictions. The main reason to connect the prebuild values to the DB is to count how many instances i have in a drawing and to compare how many do we have in our warehouse in a specific period of time. Now we can check that directly in our ERP system but the amount of data that we must compare is to large and takes a while. Until now we've done this using the VW tables to count the amount of instances which worked great for us. And to be more clearly we are never changing the prebuild values from our library. We have no interest to do this for the large part of our library is a system and don't want to mess up with our data. I've managed to this during my tests with another DB. I am using VW 2020 SP2.2R1 in german. Yes i think will be doable but must run more tests. I think the best solution in our case would be when the Symbols are inserted in the drawing, these would be already connected to DB. Now the question is how can read data in a specific period of time. But this must be done in SQL, i think or with scripting. Which one would you recommend? Best regards, Bogdan
  2. Hi @Vlado, thank you for your clarification. This helps me to understand better the ways the DBs function. The reason to connect the default values of the symbol definitions to an external DB is to create a library which would only read data from ODBC. This should improve our resource utilization and cut times to deliver Projects. Until now we used such a library because we are never changing the default values. It doesn't matter how many symbol-instances are in the drawing, because we use the data for resource management and this works great. I've been able to connect multiple objects (through attached records) to SQL via the key, in our case only just one. But when I'm trying to connect a single instance it doesn't work. But my aim is to connect the default values of the symbol definitions. Or multiple default values. Not in the drawing because the goal is to create a library. I am not able to understand why this doesn't work because in the resource manager (not in the drawing) the option to connect the default values is given. Is there any constraint in order to do this? Best regards, Bogdan
  3. Hi @C.Miguel, I've came across the same kind of problem. Did you find in the mean time a solution the the issue? Try to connect multiple objects to the database. It seems to work. Likewise i can't connect single symbol instances or symbol definitions. Please let me know if you found a workaround to the problem.
  4. Hello, I am trying to read live data from an SQL Database via ODBC into Projects. So far i was able to connect multiple symbol instances to the database and reading the needed data into the record field, meaning that the connection is working. My intent is to connect symbol definitions from a library to this database, but i am not able to that. Also, in the same time i can't connect single symbol instances to Database Table Rows. Which it doesn't make any sense because the instances are the ones that i can connect as multiple instances. Am i missing something? My question are: - can be symbol definitions connected to databases in order to be used as a library? The thing is that the option is given. This means that should work. - in the case that this should work, why am i not able to that? Is it related to the issue that single symbol instances cant be connected? - in the case that this should work, can be multiple symbol definitions connected to the database? I would be grateful if you could help me with this matter.


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