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  1. Sure, I started to do that too. They ended up evaporating when I clicked on update in the Manage Bridle Parts dialog...
  2. I find the direction Vectorworks is heading with incorporating rigging tools to be very promising. Perhaps not perfect, but heading in the right direction and getting better each year. For me personally, I would like to be able to have the bridle legs made with steel labeled with industry standards...ie 5' 3/8" Steel, 20 ' 1/2' steel...etc. Steel 200 isn't particularly useful...when I've changed it in the Manage Bridle Parts it has reverted back to defaults rather than keeping the changes I made. Am I missing something? Another thing I would like to be able to customize is how the bridles are built in the Create Bridle Diagrams tool. In a couple of the tests plots I've made the some of the bridles were built with three STAC chains...including one on the down leg! Nobody wants to make or pull that bridle up! Some industry standard language like a 15/20 bridle with 4 working links on the 20 leg, 5' baskets and the Deck chain between the basket and the leg would be appreciated...I have yet to see how to customize the rigging options to provide that kind of information. The only tutorials I've seen are the brief videos in the "whats new in 2019" area, does anyone know of more detailed tutorials? Thanks, Alex
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