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  1. Forum newbie, thanks for putting up with me! Thanks so much for all this information, Jim. I'm in the middle of computer shopping (it's been a long time coming) and was like 99% sold on a new MacBook - but that will come with Mojave only. I've had various timing issues between getting my license and having a computer that works and things (all of which I'm responsible for, it's been a crazy few months) but am now basically left in the situation of having drafting deadlines approaching, student license being done, and my current computer being unable to run my new 2019 license because it's just too old. So it sounds like using Bootcamp and buying a Windows 10 OS of my own is the best way around this in order to keep working for the next month or so? (Or, I guess, making my next laptop a PC instead...don't really want to make this the defining factor in my decision unless necessary though.) I'm just doing 2D things in Spotlight, lighting plot and such, but sounds like most functions are just not working with Mojave? Just wanted to check that I understand the situation. Sorry if this is not an appropriate way to ask this question.


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