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  1. Thanks for the reply. I seem to have done everything you have mentioned but I take another look and double check everything again. Cheers
  2. Im putting the model into a 3D aerial perspective, then selecting all objects, then file - export - export web view (3D only)
  3. Good Day all. Has anyone had much experience exporting a 3D model so a client can view it through their browser? I think Im following the basic guides correctly but finish up with a mostly white 3D model with only a few of the textures showing, and all the image props are just solid crosses? Any ideas or directions to a good tutorial to look at would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Just curious but what happened between VW 2018 and 2019? Did the program just become more intensive so a dedicated card was needed?
  5. Hi Ben. Mine was a very simple fix as I had plugged one monitor into the graphics card and the other into the motherboard, and it was the mother board one that was causing this issue. Plugged both into the graphics card and it fixed it. However, I have since been contacted by the local distributor tech office, saying that since a Jan / Feb windows update other users had been experiencing the same issue, which wasn't caused by where the the monitors are plugged in. Unfortunately, if both your monitors are plugged into the graphics card, I dont have an answer for you. All I can say is that the powers that be are aware of the issue and are hopefully trying to sort it out as it is a bit of a game breaking bug. As a side note I think I have had more issues with VW19 than any other version of VW which is saying something. Im still using VW18 for some projects as Im reluctant to advance any on VW19 for fear of finding something else. If Im contacted again I'll add to this post, with any news. I hope you get it sorted. Cheers
  6. Im just reasking this question as I havent seen that many people with the problem therefore any solutions. Im not sure if its an issue with my computer but it makes VW 19 unusable, so its a major issue for me. It happens every-time i use the fly over tool. Cheers Edit. A bit more info. It appears to happen only when i use the flyover tool in a rendered mode. If i use the flyover tool in wireframe, its fine.
  7. Has this issue been resolved somewhere? Finally got to download and use 2019 version, went to use the flyover tool and was greeted with this..
  8. Ive just made an account to vent my growing frustration that this is still might be an issue in vw2019 version. The 3D visualization aspect of VW is half the program in my eyes and having to restart the program every second render attempt is beyond frustrating. I can remember this happening as far back as VW 2016 but it just seems to be getting worse. With all the updates and revamps that they have made, the fact that this fundamental flaw still remains is just madness. If I had an alternative to turn to I would be gone. I agree Line-weight, if its not fixed why do they deserve a break? Please, please, for the sake of all our sanity, hear our cries and sort this out.
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