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  1. amcdonell

    2019 sp3 viewports pixelated

    Thanks Mark, it wasn't from a camera I just followed the standard "create viewport" from a design layer into a sheet layer workflow, the pixelated image is just a front elevation
  2. amcdonell

    2019 sp3 viewports pixelated

    Thanks Rgyori, already using "best compatibility", the medium scale virtual hammer works for sometime. However doing this 20 times a day, together with the standard program crashes and freezes may result in a less virtual hammer being applied. We soldier on.
  3. amcdonell

    2019 sp3 viewports pixelated

    hey mark, nope 300, as always. other viewports on the same page rendered fine
  4. amcdonell

    2019 sp3 viewports pixelated

    any one else? I have never had this happen until SP3 2019
  5. amcdonell

    Structural Member and Elevations

  6. amcdonell


    fffarrrrrrkkkk. Pardon my french. I echo the sentiments of those above. What are they thinking! Releasing a tool that doesn't work, and hasn't worked for many years it sounds like, I have wasted days setting up hundreds of these beams for a project and then they go haywire when i get to the sheet documentation stage. With deadline looming! Suggest to me that this company is being controlled by gamers not designers. The eerie silence from VW affiliated experts speaks volumes also. This shouldnt be a complicated tool and should be priority fix. They need to stop making silly headline grabbing features like VR and rendering stuff and actually make the modelling experience less minding bending. Time to cut my losses (over 15 years on VW) and buy Revit or Archicad.
  7. amcdonell

    Bicycle Entourage

    second that! a nice light 3d bicycle with 2d plan values for space planning bicycle parking, now mandated for all multi res in most cities, entourage folks have been sleeping on this one !
  8. amcdonell

    Sun Path Diagram

    Thanks mate, its great little feature you have created so, I look forward to the potential resolution in 2019. Though I fear it'll be at the end of a very long list of bugs to be fixed for Sp1 ! 2019 is the most crashy VW ive used for about 10 years. Thaks
  9. amcdonell

    Sun Path Diagram

    Im receiving this set of error messages....SunDiagram test.vwx Any thoughts?
  10. amcdonell

    Lost textures

    Hey all, Amongst multiple crashes usually when im just navigating through the drawing rather than performing an operation I have one issue that seems unresolvable I am losing some textures in custom hybrid symbols, some shapes within the symbol aren't displaying their assigned textures in 3d views. Anyone else?


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