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  1. I was playing with those, but they seem to create a 2d duplicate which responds to the 3d element - however I can’t see how you can alter the 3d geometry from it? have I got this really wrong? I feel like I’m missing something.
  2. Hi All, Has plot and model view been replaced in 2020? I cant seem to find it? Or is there now a better way of rotating a populated truss? Thanks
  3. Hi ya, So as an update, if i have the pen set to black and the colour assigned to the "fill", when exported this seems fine. If i change the pen to a colour and the fill to white, it does'nt seem to export the pen as colour. Its just a black wireframe fixture. (this is a wire frame view btw). Jon
  4. Hi Nikolay, Thanks for this. Unfortunately it is set to colour. Ive noticed it does the same if I go to export pdf instead of publish. However if I export image it’s fine. Are there some global pdf settings for export that I’m missing? it seems odd that the logo and annotations are still colour. It’s just the data visualisation that isn’t? jon
  5. Hi Everyone, I am having an issue where my sheet layer shows a plot which is coloured based on the Universe of the fixtures, which works really well. However when i publish that sheet layer it looses the colours for the fixture and shows them all as grey. The data visualisation key that it produces in the annotation, does however output with the correct colours. Any thoughts on a simple setting i might be missing? Worth mentioning its 2020.
  6. Hi All, I have used a DLVP to create some raked trusses. When I attach hoists to the ref layer the trim height on the low hook of the hoist does not move with the truss in the rake position, however it does not let me attach to the raked view. Whats the solution to this? Currently i end up with hoists through trusses in views, and if i change it manually Braceworks throws an error saying the truss does not have a support? Thanks
  7. Thanks Scott for that. Its more the Bracework side of things im looking at. I am already a competent user of the VW software for designing large scale rigs and models. Its the integration into Braceworks i was looking for any advice / tips on. Or if its all self explanatory then i will work it out.
  8. Hi All, I have been using VW for a while and have just installed braceworks. It seems great and very powerfull, but i wondered if there was any guides on how to get started with it and best practises for workflows within VW to get the best out of BW? Anything you found handy would be great to have a look at. Thanks in advance. Jon
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