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  1. Understood. However just now with a fresh install and not even trying to open any older/existing files I choose New > Create blank document and then try to use the text tool I get the same crash. I did find that if I hide the OIP I can then use the tool briefly before getting the death pinwheel. Maybe my best option is to borrow collegue's Mac who has VWX (since I'm limited with my single user seat and can't just go installing on any machine) without Mojave, open any old or current files that I need to work on, delete any text then save the file and hope it's usable on my Mojave machine and add any text onto a published pdf using Preview. Being a freelancer without a design firm or any support makes this difficult for sure. Can't wait to chat with the VWX reps at LDI in Vegas in a few weeks and get some insight into how they go about dealing with betas and such. Maybe they'll let me use one of their demo machines -- I'm only half joking -- it might come to that haha
  2. @zoomer I thought that might be the issue as well so first I tried to reset all vwx prefs as recommended below, but that was not the solve so then I uninstalled and re-installed and chose not to migrate any user settings etc. and still have the same issue 🙁
  3. Good idea and would possibly work with a brand new blank file where I would just not use any text anywhere (which would be hard to do on any drawing) but I start with templates and need to work on existing drawings which all have some text in them and there's no way for me to even click and select the text without spinning wheel of death and having to force quit so I'm stuck not being able to work on any existing files or any files with any text anywhere. Looking at release history, it seems like the pattern is the first Service Pack being released around a month after initial release. Maybe I can wait it out and hope that's the fix for Mojave. In the meantime, trying to weigh the options between wiping my entire HD and rolling back vs. installing VW on my wife's old 12" MacBook (which is going to be painfully slow with large files and forget trying any Renderworks) Guess I'll follow these forums from here on out -- I do agree with others who have suggested an email to users who do not read the tech bulletins warning not to update would be a great thing to get from VW. Thank you to everyone on here with a lot more experience for helping people like me try to solve issues. I appreciate it!
  4. I updated to Mojave and now both VW2018 and 2019 are unusable. The biggest issue is I can't even select the text tool without a total freeze and need to force quit. Not sure what to do now that I'm in the middle of many projects and need to work on the drawings. (also crashes with opening a blank new file and trying to create any text) Downgrading back to High Sierra means wiping your entire HD -- all that for VW to work. I do not have the time or patch for that right now. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. In what we spend annually on this software for it not to work with new macOS versions when they have been in beta for many months is beyond frustrating.
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