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  1. Hi, I'm trying to import a list of symbol folders with all contained symbols from a source file and this works fine using 'vs.BuildResourceListN2' and 'vs.ImportResToCurFileN'. I'm having trouble figuring out how the required callback function for 'vs.ImportResToCurFileN' is supposed to work though. The first time I run the script in Work_file_B it successfully imports the list of symbol folders from Source_file_A. When I run the script again Vectorworks prompts me to rename the folder. I would like it to be replaced though (and all the contents as well). The documentation for 'vs.ImportResToCurFileN' says that you need a return value of '1' from the callback function to handle this. However, this does not seem to work. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what the callback procedure does? Background: I want to be able to make changes to symbols in a central file A. When I run the script in work files B,C,D,..... (that have the same symbol folders) I want to import and replace that set list of symbol folders and their content from file A to file B. This way I would be able to update all changes to symbols in the source file to all work files that run the script. Would be great if someone could shed some light on the workings of the callback function. i.e. Why does it have an input parameter but is not called with one? Here is what my code looks like: def callback(resName): # callback for 'vs.ImportResToCurFileN'-used in case of conflict (imported res already in cur file) ImportResCallback = 1 # '0' = Do not import ; 1' = replace ; '2' = rename return ImportResCallback sourcePath = r"C:\Users\Username\My\Path\Source_File_A.vwx" symFoldList = ["Symbols - Geometry", "Symbols - Text"] importSymFoldListID, importSymFoldNumItems = vs.BuildResourceListN2(92, sourcePath, False) importSymFoldDict = {} for i in range(importSymFoldNumItems): importSymFoldName = vs.GetNameFromResourceList(importSymFoldListID, i + 1) importSymFoldDict[importSymFoldName] = i + 1 for foldername in symFoldList: vs.ImportResToCurFileN(importSymFoldListID, importSymFoldDict[foldername], callback) vs.AlrtDialog(str(importSymFoldListID) + "\n" + str(importSymFoldNumItems) + "\n" + str(importSymFoldDict)) Source_File_A.vwx Work_File_B.vwx


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