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  1. @grant_PD Thank you! This is such a helpful walkthrough. I have a week or so of downtime between projects coming up. I will have to start with a aTwinmotion trial as we do not use it currently, so I want to make sure I have time to commit to it! Curious if ou have any experience with props in Twinmotion. I am in the museum design business. As such, a huge part of our visualizations is graphic work. I import some as textures and map them...others as props. See below. Do you think graphic work would be better done in VW, prior to export, or in Twinmotion? Thanks, Gregg
  2. @Tony Kostreski This is great! I had not noticed this addition. It seems promising indeed. I will give it a go. The update model function also seems like a step not too far off from direct sync. Does the datasmith file update recognize only the changed aspects and preserve any texturing you've done in your Twinmotion model up until that point?
  3. Just bumping up the wish for a direct synch plugin with a real time renderer for mac based design firms. Twinmotion seems like the best bet, but an agreement with enscape, lumion, etc... would be marvelous. We are falling behind the industry reying on VW animations..
  4. I am having the same issue in VW 2019 with SP3 installed. See attached. Opening Plans.mov
  5. Still very much an issue for me as well. As somebody who primarily renders with lighting, I like to do test renders to do minor tweaks. This process has become unsustainable as I need to restart after EVERY. SINGLE. BITMAP. I recognize bugs are hard to fix, but it's been at least three years. I've already started looking at other rendering platforms including Sketchup. Not ideal to switch, but I cannot do my job... Please tell me you all have a lead on this issue and will be fixing it in the next SP. Please...
  6. I was also originally much more interested in Lumion as the output looks to be better, although Twinmotio's ain't too shabby 😉 I migrated my interest to Twinmotion doe to the fact we are a Mac office. I would love to hear that Lumion change its tune on Mac support. It also souds like it better supports props as billboards. Interested to hear more about those if you get to them Jim! Gregg
  7. Those shots rock! Another question. I'm getting a lot of crashing on imports from VW in all the different file formats. I am not sure my uses for VW work translate well to TM or Lumion. I am in the museum exhibit design field and often create renderings that rely heavily on 2D graphics, image props with backgrounds, and odd geometry in artifacts. I am not sure i the crashing is because of these elements, but when some fo them do come through, the image props now how an opaque square around them, thus losing their value. Jim, or anybody, have you had any luck importing image props with transparent backgrounds into TM or Lumion? See attached mage as a sampling of what our output typically is and how heavily it's relient on props and 2d graphics.
  8. Vectorworks should certainly work to create a direct relationship with Twinmotion. The ability to beautifully, and rapidly animate/texture a model is so much better in Twinmotion, but the export/import of complex models from VW often fail and crash Twinmotion. Would love to have a direct relationship so that this process simplifies and becomes streamlined. Frankly, I am tired of waiting 24 hours for uniquely lit interior render in VW and longer for sub-par animations in Open GL. Gregg
  9. Thanks! Twinmotion looks pretty good. Not quite as good, but very similar. I am really after the Color Sketch rendering style lumion offers, but figure I may have to try to replicate in photoshop....OR convince my office to bootcamp my mac and pay up for Lumion 🙂
  10. Andy, I hadn't thought of checking here, Oddly, all of the offenders are indeed set to render as something other than no sketch. 😞
  11. Hi, I have become enamored with the output from Lumion that I have seen working as an exhibit designer. I have been rendering using Renderworks for 8 years and have overall been happy with the results. Where I get frustrated is when I start to add realism such as glows, lighting, reflection, bump. I certainly expect the rendering time to increase, but I've had renderings take 20 + hours. I am tweaking certain settings to speed things along, but timing seems to be an issue. From what I've understood from forums and word of mouth, Lumion is a great, intuitive rendering solution that tends to put out fairly quick renderings that are equal to greater in quality than renderworks. I am sure mouch of this comes down to program aptitude, but it led me to investigate further. I didn't make it far before I learned Lumion is ONLY PC based. Our office is 100% mac and not going anywhere else anytime soon. Has anybody figured out ways to render images that have a certain watercolor effect similar to Lumion's Color Sketch style? Additionally, has anybody found another program similar to Lumion that is operable on Macs? Thanks, Gregg
  12. Just looking to see if anybody else has the same issues as me. I am trying to render with sketch lines and I cannot figure out why some lines just render with a normal outline while others carry the sketch lines as they should. See attached. Thanks
  13. Thank you Jim, It does make me feel better to see this is happening not just to me. I am in 2018, and we will probably update to 19' in a few months. We usually wait till the first SP comes out before adopting company-wide. Not overly excited to see jnr has experienced this in 19 as well...
  14. I often use render bitmaps to test render my lighting in parts of a view. Lately, I can do one render bitmap in Final Quality or any other style other than open GL, but if I try to do another, It renders for 3-5 seconds then says rendering complete with a big black box. See attached screenshot. Now, it will keep doing this unless I restart vectorworks. Upon restart, I get one more bitmap, but then the problem persists. As you can imagine, restarting constantly after making minor tweaks on things like lighting strength or glow settings really messes with one's workflow.... Help? Thanks, Gregg
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