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  1. Hi there I have some troubles with a dormer. How can I get the intersection between roof and dormer done? See attached my result, which isn't really what I need... Thanks for any hint. Michael
    Without doubt this is a great tool. Thank you for the Update DomC. Allow me one remark though: How do we implement this tool in an existing document? I should be thankful for reply. Mi&D
  2. Hi As far as I remember, the window tool in your version (I guess it's the version of the US) is different from the Swiss one. This might be the reason why it isn't possible to edit those objects. See this link from our Swiss Forum... Down below I translated the essence for you... Anyways, I need to understand how the attributes of windows work, only then I can try to change them with data visualization. But please, if you could try in your VW version, to insert a window in a wall and see what it gives after applying data visualization, the same way you did with the doors before (Doors Demo). I should be really thankful for this. The highlighted object on the printscreen you've sent me is not a door, but a window. The header show levels of parapet and lintel. Here now the translation of the thread: Das Fenstertool ist beispielsweise wie @zoom schon aufführt komplett anders. (Das engl. Window Tool ist auch in der DE Version enthalten.) For example, the window tool is completely different, as @zoom already performs. (The English Window Tool is also included in the DE version.) D-A-CH Fenster: Germany, Austria, Switzerland Window: US Fenster: US Window: Ich kenne die US Version zwar viel zu wenig, aber gefühlt ist die DE Version schon weit umfangreicher, vor allem was Anschläge, Leibungsausbildung, Fenstereinteilungen und auch die Plandarstellung angeht. I know the US version far too little, but it seems like the Swiss version is more extensive, especially in terms of hinges, reveals, window layouts. Es gibt auch noch die Benelux Version 😏, die kann dann noch viel mehr bei den Fensterformen (Freiformen). There is also the Benelux version 😏, which can then do much more with the window shapes (freeforming).
  3. Hi What works for the doors doesn't work the same for windows. I tried the same procedure on Windows but there is no result. See Appendix...(*.jpg and *.vwx) Even though the window in the red wall has the same class as the door, its color does not change. There is also a difference in reveals between windows and doors. I couldn't find any solution yet... Could I ask you, if you have any idea on how to change window settings through data visualization? Multiple Data visualization_Renovation windows.vwx
  4. Great! Thanks for your suggestion... I got it. I'll try to keep up in my actual renovation project using this method.
  5. @Pat Stanford & @The Hamma Hi I'm still struggling with Data Visualization for renovation. At the moment I'm trying it with multiple Data visualization. I managed to override "data base - entries" in floor plans, and "2021 materials" in section. This gives me a better result. But still there are issues with doors and windows. They do not take over the colors of corresponding walls. As you see in the attachment the wing of doors are black, while the door case has the override-color of the wall... There is also a problem with windows in floor plan: Some are "covered" by the solid fill of the wall, while others appear correctly. For better understanding I attach the file. Could I ask you for help to solve the problem with doors and windoows? Also, I feel like in VW 2021 help, there isn't much explanation about multiple Data visualization... Is there any tutorial about this topic? kind regards Michael Multiple Data visualization_Renovation.vwx
  6. I think I've missed one thing: It is necessary to combine Status/Phase database with the Materials. I don't see the solution yet... P.S.: I've noticed that you are using scripts for the phasing. I don't know scripting. I did use data base instead. See attached image... Either way, there should be a way to get the proper presentation for renovation plans in section.
  7. hi. During research I've found the this thread... Started playing around with the "test File". Wouldn't it be possible to use the new 2021 Materials for renovation projects? Say we have one Material for each phase: Existing / Demolish / New By overriding the fill attributes of Materials in Data Visualization, we get the same result in Floor and Section... Am I right?
  8. @The Hamma Hello I've started the RENDERING FOR EVERYDAY ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING course. It's very interesting for me. Thanks again. I've already noticed one particular thing concerning walls and their behavior in floor and section. As Wes Gardner explains walls consist of a Container Class and of Component classes. In floor plans it is possible to turn off the Component class, to show only outlines. We can even change the filling of the containerr class from solid white to solid black in wall attributes. If I try to do the same in section - say I turn of the component class of walls - the walls will completely disappear... Isn't there a way to make section work the same way as floor plans?
  9. @The Hamma Great - Thank you for your recommendation. I'll watch the course. So far I haven't any existing drawings to convert... I'll study your scripts as you provided them. It should be possible for me changing the colors of Data Visualization of your template. In Swiss renovation projects colors are: red for new construction yellow for demolition black for existing to remain.
  10. @Pat Stanford Hello Pat! Thanks for your explanation. I do now better understand. I do also appreciate your recommendation to use Autohybrid objects and symbols. Isn't there any possibility to "manipulate" the hatch fillings of walls so that they appear different in section?
  11. thanks for your hints, I'll try to implement it to my working strategy.
  12. @matteoluigi Thanks for your explanations: If I got you right: in Vectorworks we do not have the possibility to: - Save sets of Layers - We do have saved views in VW, but we are not able to place them on Layouts or make sets of them - am I right? - We are missing a transformation filter in VW Another conflict in VW-Data-Visu: Walls in section do not appear the same way as in floor plan. Is there anything like this in AC? Is there any known workaround in VW to get this issue solved?
  13. @matteoluigi Hi Excuse me, I am a beginner in the field of data visualization in VW. I've got a little experience with filters in AC though. Could you please explain me, what is ment by "save sets of Layer-visibilities" and "save sets of Data-Visualization". It would make it easier for me to follow...
  14. @The Hamma Hello I am a Swiss VW-User. I do appreciate your shared work. Since I don't have any idea about scripting, I admire those who have these skills. Could I kindly ask an information?: Why does Data -Visualization of walls not work in section? Hatch patterns do not show up the way they do in floor plans... A door instead does appear correctly in floor and section... What is the difference between a wall and a door regarding data visualization?
  15. thanks for that, m graf. unfortunately, I don't understand how to bring together the marionette "Spaces from list" of DomC and your "Object node". Could you please get more into detail?
  16. Wow, I only realized now, that a slider is implemented...Great! I was thinking, that it could be nice to apply this method from 2D-rectangles to Vectorworks-Spaces. What do you think about it?
  17. hello M.Graf Thanks for your input. The result is exactly what I meant. What's new for me in your network is: "Sequence..." You've substituted my Input node "y" (real) with Data flow "Sequence". I don't understand the logic of the "Sequence". Could you please explain it to me? Furthermore I don't understand the part of the network right from the "rectangle-node". Why do you need the "Get Area-node" and "round". What is Print Debug doing? By the way: Thanks for any further explanation. Mi&D
  18. Hi Gregi What a coincidence! Thanks for this. It's bringing me one step beyond, but something is missing: All rectangles should have the same surface, only the edges can change. In your output, all rectangles have different surfaces... I've tried this, see attachment. How can I make the whole range of rectangles show up, like in your example...? We might need to combine your and my network to get to the point... Mi&D Marionette equal surface rectangles.vwx
  19. Hi I am a Vectorworks-User from Switzerland... trying to create a tool for different rectangles, whose two side lengths can be changed as desired, but with equal surfaces. This should be very practical when designing floor plans (implementation of space programs). In a second step I would like to make this concept also possible for Spaces. As far as I know such a tool doesn't exist in VW at the moment. I have started studying marionette, but my skills are not strong enough to get there. Could you help me with this? I attach my actual network, which is based on the Golden Ratio tutorial from Service Select. Thanks in advance! Mi&D Marionette-part2-start Rechtecktool.vwx
  20. thx for your reply guys! we are currently thinking about getting a promise pegasus as server. the only problem with it is: we use a mac mini as server for project sharing documents. this mac mini needs to be combined with promise pegasus. but this means that all data from the very fast promise pegasus has to go through the mac mini. as I've been told promise pegasus has great performance if directly attached to a MAC-Computer. but through switches or in our case through a mac mini it looses much of Gbit/s. That's why we consider to install a Synology DS1517+ 5bay NAS Server. We'll keep the Mac Mini for Project Sharing. But in this case Synology and Mac mini are separate. did I explain it in a clear way? Did you understand? what do you think about our idea for server setup?
  21. hello, we just got VW 2019 started in switzerland. a topic, we immediately would like to use is "auto hybrid objects". (as described in the video below). is there any download of suchlike objects possible to study how they work? specially, rwe do not yet understand the settings for the plug-in-components in 2d. how to get the different levels of detailing? thanks, Mi&D (Martin Elder, Siwtzerland)
  22. hi Dan (danm01), thx for reply. I have offers for QNAP TS 431X - 2G and Synology DS 418. Both 4-bay. I start with 2 WD Red (8TB). The offer also includes Installation of the NAS. Is that necessary. Is it very complicated to get the NAS going? I am quite familiar with computers. So, if possible I'd like to save the money and install the NAS myself. Moreover, a colleague of mine recommended me to use Cloud-Service such as One-Drive instead of NAS. It is even more economic and saver he says... I should be thankful for your opinion on this. Swiss german isn't the easiest language at all ...😉 Mi&D
  23. thanks again Sarah, I'll try to keep pace with this. Even though I am very busy with my project I should get some time in-between to study this. I should start a very simple tutorial...The "Get value" marionette is probably way to complicated for me as an absolut beginner... Michael
  24. Hello, I am Michael, architect from Switzerland. In teh swiss Forum we are discussing the use of NAS-Servers (Back-Up). Some of us guys use one of these 2 products: 1) QNAP TS-431P*) NAS Storage Server or QNAP TS-451+)** 2) Synology DiskStation DS418play*) NAS Desktop or DS918+)** Nobody really knows if these work well with Project Sharing. Could somebody give me a recommendation? The pros and cons of NAS-Servers, and their performance in VW... Moreover: Does anybody have an idea about the difference between performance of the normal *) and more expensive **) versions of QNAP and Synology? thanks in advance for any hint.
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