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  1. hi

    Thanks. I agree that it's quite tricky to get there. 


    Anyway, there is another "riddle" I can't solve.

    I need to get the 2 roof ridges of a trapezoidal dormer perpendicular to the fascia.

    I can't seem to find the geometrical - mathematical way to construct this.

    See attachment and vwx.

    May you have an idea? It must have something to do with roof slopes

    and intersections between related faces...


    Dormer 2.jpg

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-06 um 15.43.55.png

    Trapezoidal Dormer test.vwx

  2. Hi there


    I'm also owner of a Space Mouse - 3dconnexion.

    The model is from 2016 or 2017.

    I didn't really use it until now, though.

    Do you know, if I can still work with it in VW 2021?

    Is there a kind of usage instructions for 3d-Mouse in VW?

    I don't know how to install it, and how to implement it.





  3. I'm trying hard to get it right.

    In the document attached I have 2 examples:


    1) 2 roof faces which I got from a roof, that I've changed into faces.

    2) 2 roof faces built from scratch.


    It's strange to me: When I try to edit roof style, the ones built from scratch and  aren't possible to offset, do not show "edit roof style" when I right click on them.

    While the other 2 do. (They have been extracted from a former roof.)


    Can it be that there is a different behavior when roof faces are "exploded" roofs?

    Roof faces 2.vwx

  4. 16 hours ago, Hans-Olav said:

    if you rotate the line that defines the slope you can get the roof to slope in both directions

    You need to calculate to get the right angle

    Hi Hans-Olav.

    Thanks for reply.

    It's not possible to rotate a roof face in 3d > see attachment.

    It says "Hybrid objects can only be rotated around z-axis.


    I've tried to rotate a simple rectangle in x and y, and then make a roof face out of it.

    Even that is not possible...

    It's quite disappointing, that such an advanced software can't solve such a common task...


    Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-01 um 09.38.17.png

  5. @Tom W. At least I got closer to solve it. In my example of trapezoidal Dormer I succeeded in joining 2x2 roof faces. (It hasn't been possible to join a pair 2-layered roof faces).

    Still, I have some issues at the offset. There is one edge that shouldn't be there. And the at the inner intersection lines do not meet in the same point...

    Is this the best we can get?

    PS. In the thread I've found your statement: "to join two Roof Faces using Dual Object Connect Mode + Mitre Roof Face Joins Mode".

    I am using a Swiss version of VW. Could you please show me the icons of these 2 Modes. I might need to check...

    On the other hand, you're mentioning, that the horizontal face should be set at 0.1° (trick).

    Unfortunately, in my case I can't rotate the 8° (y-axis) face 0.1° in the other direction (x-axis)...


    Do you know a way how to incline the roof face in both directions (0.1° and 8°)?

    This would solve the problem I guess.






  6. @Tom W.

    Hi again. It's outstanding what an effort some of our colleagues make to get there.

    I have one issue to resolve: How to change a roof face into a solid object or into a subdivision?

    Actually, starting from a dormer, I'd like to get to a solid or subdivision body to reshape it.

    The roof face seems to be very stubborn. I can't find a way to ungroup or explode it.


    Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-25 um 12.23.59.png

  7. Hi Wes

    Thanks for reply. I've tried it with roof faces. 

    I got it done, but the result isn't yet satisfying. 

    Have a look at these 2 screenshots.

    In section we have an extrude on the left and a roof face on the right.

    Somehow roof faces do not behave the way I'd like them to:

    Joining single roof layers - like insulation in this case - isn't possible.


    Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-24 um 16.28.04.png

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-24 um 16.28.18.png

  8. On 5/22/2020 at 3:34 PM, Wes Gardner said:

    @vassen, I use the automatic dormer creation sequence to build a conceptual dormer getting it close in size and location on the roof.  I then ungroup the dormer resulting in roof faces and walls.  From there you can use wall styles, etc. on the dormer.



    Hi Wes, I'm Michael from Switzerland.

    I've tried your suggested method to create a trapezoidal dormer.

    The result is promising. I have a conflict though with the lateral roof parts of the dormer...

    They aren't walls nor are they roof faces. They come as 3d-polygons.

    I can't seem to get these polygons under control. They should look the same way as the roof in section.

    Is there a way to transform this inclined 3d-polygons into roof-faces or any other element that looks ok in section? 


    Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-22 um 16.33.42.png

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  9. Hi

    As far as I remember, the window tool in your version (I guess it's the version of the US) is different from the Swiss one.

    This might be the reason why it isn't possible to edit those objects.

    See this link from our Swiss Forum...

    Down below I translated the essence for you...


    Anyways, I need to understand how the attributes of windows work,

    only then I can try to change them with data visualization.

    But please, if you could try in your VW version, to insert a window 

    in a wall and see what it gives after applying data visualization, 

    the same way you did with the doors before (Doors Demo).

    I should be really thankful for this.



    3 hours ago, The Hamma said:

    The door appears to have some sort of header.

    The highlighted object on the printscreen you've sent me is not a door, but a window.

    The header show levels of parapet and lintel.


    Here now the translation of the thread:

    Das Fenstertool ist beispielsweise wie @zoom schon aufführt komplett anders. (Das engl. Window Tool ist auch in der DE Version enthalten.)

    For example, the window tool is completely different, as @zoom already performs. (The English Window Tool is also included in the DE version.)


    D-A-CH Fenster:

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland Window:





    US Fenster:

    US Window:



    Ich kenne die US Version zwar viel zu wenig, aber gefühlt ist die DE Version schon weit umfangreicher, vor allem was Anschläge, Leibungsausbildung, Fenstereinteilungen und auch die Plandarstellung angeht.

    I know the US version far too little, but it seems like the Swiss version is more extensive, especially in terms of hinges, reveals, window layouts.


    Es gibt auch noch die Benelux Version 😏, die kann dann noch viel mehr bei den Fensterformen (Freiformen).

    There is also the Benelux version 😏, which can then do much more with the window shapes (freeforming).


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