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    VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

    Im also highly irritated with vector works trying to sell this as a win for its client base. Gee thanks! They have just stopped a whole lot of users upgrading and paying an ongoing subscription which is their loss. Do they really think we will all upgrade to Architect. Sketch up is better 3d program for the price. My other license is Architect. I had begrudgingly bought a second license of fundamentals for a future employee as an attempt to capitalise on their recent EOY sale. I also paid for service select when I dont need it. I will be stopping the auto renew feature and asking for the service select fee back. I am wondering if we should start a petition to let vectorworks know how unpopular this move is. Is anyone interested? They are definitely losing their client base / loyalty in my opinion. I used to love vectorworks. Is this around the world or just in Australia? The whole increasing cost of license seems unfair as these companies have an absolute monopoly on the market and are increasingly more greedy. A license now costs more than a computer.


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