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  1. Some years ago (MiniCAD 4+?) I created a Line Type Palette that allowed (and still allows) me to click on a "Line Type" (for example "00-Blue") which changes the line color (prior to drawing it) to BLUE and .15 thickness (like old drafting pens). This palette (with some tweaking in various version upgrades) still works fine in my custom files (that I use for my architectural work), but NOT in the VW default "NEW" file (VW 2020, current SP). The line weights change but NOT the color. 


    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Sadly, Section Viewports still do not render properly (in particular, staggered Cut Lines) and Section VPs cut prior to SP3 are still broken. VW folks have had four (4) chances to get this right (VW2019 and three Service Packs) and it's still not been completely addressed. For me, this has made VW 2019 unusable. As user since MiniCAD 4+ this is terribly disappointing. I've been in regular contact with Service Select support and while they are aware of the problems Engineering doesn't seem to be able to translate user needs to a reliable product. So, I am forced to stick with VW2018 to ensure that files are not corrupted (even though I have paid for updates thru Service Select). Maybe SP4 can just revert the application back to VW2018; for me, there are NO new features that warrant an unusable piece of software. I've suggested that VW internal mandates have derailed their ability to properly serve their existing user base.

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  3. Will -- only one of my section viewports (in which the poche/fill was missing) had a jog in the section line, so that doesn't explain the others not being filled. I'm back on 2018, but will try the OIP detail settings to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your input. Hope Nemetschek can get these bugs addressed ASAP.

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