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  1. Is there any way to get the Place Plant dialog box to display latin or common names instead of the codes? It gets hard to remember what each code means when selecting a plant to place.
  2. shasta

    tag length

    Thanks so much. They said it couldn't be done, but it worked. Now if there was only a way to eliminate the '4.00 BKO' decimal problem on these labels....
  3. shasta

    tag length

    When will that be available for online download?
  4. shasta

    tag length

    I'm talking about the plants tags that automatically generate using the plant placement tool. I think the proper name of the line part is the 'shoulder.' I can see that when using the ID tool you can change the shoulder length. Is there a way to do it with the other kind?
  5. Yes, I selected 'syles enabled' when I created the plant. If I select a plant style fot the group, such as light sketch, I can get it to display more or less correctly. The only problem is that the first plant in the cluster is darker without the white outline, then the rest have the white outline + the applied style. It doesn't look too bad but I would like to do better....
  6. shasta

    tag length

    When the ID tags are displayed, the lines undere them are much longer than the tags themselves. If the tag is '6.00 IDE' for instance, which may take 4' in scale (1/2") the horizontal line under it on the leader line is something like 10' (1"+) in scale, much more than is needed. This makes getting tags into tight places difficult. I can't seem to change this with the polygon edit tool, just its placement. Is there a way to change the segment length?
  7. I defined a plant, went back to the place plant tool, chose 'at polygon corners' and made a shape. The corners made the symbols slightly overlap, which is fine, but only the first plant placed has a black outline and the others are all white. What's going on? I want all to have a black outline....
  8. (I don't work for kinkos) For all of you that wish more plotting services handled VW documents or don't want to invest in your own printer, Kinkos has a file-prep tool that I just used called KFP that can be downloaded on their site (www.kinkos.com) on the front page(lower-right corner). Not only can you print any document (be sure to select paper size in print setup!) including color, but the files are smaller than whole VW files. After installing, choose 'print' in VW, setup the print options, view the preview image and choose 'save.' The file can then be e-mailed to your local Kinkos using KinkoNet from the kinkos.com page. There is no need for them to have the VW viewer.
  9. It would be great if there was a way to compress a file and e-mail it from within the VW program. It would need to be a format that was readable by the viewer and the main program. AutoCAD has a feature like this....
  10. Is there a way to toggle off/on ALL constraints at once? It's a real pain to turn them all off and all on again individually as I like to keep several on at once, then switch to none of them.
  11. In Renderworks, many textures do not have the images that created them included in the resource. That means that they can never be used on 2D objects. Seems easy enough to include the images.....
  12. shasta


    I don't have Architect. Some of the texture resources do have images; most do not. It seems easy enough to include the images used to make the textures in an update. I am going to post this to suggestions.
  13. I was curious about your question so I did a search for 'exporting autocad' in the forum's search area. There was alot of good in the 'General Discussion' area. One post called 'Exporting for AutoCAD use' seemed particularly good for export setting info.
  14. shasta


    Where is that located? What would be great is images like those in the stone textures. Is there any way to use them in 2D?
  15. Are there any 'random' slate patterns/symbols etc. included in the VW10 Landmark package? If not, any tips on creating objects that interlock?
  16. I think I figured that one myself: just click on it again with the plant tool and coose a different plant. It works on clusters etc. as well.....
  17. Is there a simple way to change one plant to another after placing it with the plant tool? Do you have to delete it and start over, or can you somehow change it in place?
  18. I've got another seemingly common problem: what do you do when the line extending from callout text overlaps the line connecting a line of plants? I know that the obvious answer is move the text, but there are times when you can't. Also, what about when lines that connect rows of plants overlap? In the old days of hand drafting, a convention was established where you would make a little 'bridge' over one of the lines by erasing (or leaving a gap) a section and making a half-circle hump over the other line. Can the tag and callout lines be edited as a shape? Is there a chance that future versions will automatically detect overlaps and create the 'bridges'?
  19. I've made a DTM that seems to be working well of a sloping site. What I need to do is make a large pad 'held-up' by 2 low walls below (holding-in the fill)and backed by 2 low walls above (holding back the cut)[by the way, I need 2 walls to keep their heights below 4']. I've managed to make a pad at the right elevation that has steeply sloping sides. What I need to do is replace the sloping sides with abrupt walls. Here's what I'm thinking so far: I make the top of the inner, lower wall the height of the pad and the bottom of the wall sloping from [the lowest point]-[wall height] of the original terrain up to the highest]-[wall height]and now I'm confused again!! Anyone done this kind of thing?
  20. Very appealing! For now, is there anything I can do?
  21. Anyone know a good way to array plants (or any object,really)around circle? I've tried the 'duplicate array' command but got hung up on the number/degree relationsip. I'd like to array based on radius or something like that....
  22. Thanks, just sent it.... I'll write some highlights of our discussion for those of you following along at home.
  23. I did what you suggested and got a coordinate that appeared to be well away from the polygons in 'blank' space. Thinking that there may be something out there I 'cut' the visible polygons, selected 'all' and deleted, then re-pasted the polygons and performed the test again. Same result. By the way, how do you move to a specific coordinate once it's been found?
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