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  1. Arh managed to ungroup highlighted ‘group’ and think I can now delete things. Fingers crossed
  2. @Pat Stanford thanks Pat. I’ve managed to ungroup And delete so I just have group left. Unfortunately I still can’t select anything ?
  3. Hi I’m not very experienced with Vectorworks but I have imported a drawing plan of a house in .pdf format into Vectorworks but seem unable to edit it. I have managed to get the snap function working, seem to be able to add to the drawing but unable to edit parts of the drawing that were originally there when importing. very frustrating. Don’t want to have to draw this out from scratch myself !! Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. claire W


    Okay thanks for that are there any other windows laptops you’d recommend. I am starting to use Vectorworks for residential interior design projects.
  5. claire W


    Anybody have an opinion on the Surface Pro ? Would this be an option to consider ?
  6. claire W

    Surface Pro

    Hi I'm pretty new to Vectorworks, and just in the process of following some education for this software, which I will be using for residential Interior Design projects. I am looking to upgrade my laptop and am used to working with Windows not MAC OS. I have been looking at the Surface Pro Intel Core i5, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM. What a thoughts on this laptop to run Vectorworks ? Is this powerful enough ? Any advise before I purchase it would be appreciated. Thanks,
  7. okay Jim thanks I'll give it a go. If i was to purchase an new laptop, which is highly likely, what would be the minimum spec i need to run Vectorworks ?
  8. Thanks Jim, file attached DxDiag.txt
  9. I’m new to Vectorworks and just going through some education for it. I am finding that when I try to zoom the software is crashing, this is when I’m trying with the mouse / tool bar buttons. I get the message ‘Vectorworks 2018 application has stopped working’


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