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  1. Folks, Feel like I'm close here but still too new to VW to push it home... Slab of zero thickness works fine for a grid datum. That's included. Story marker symbol, needs some help (as do I!): Made a symbol that works fine in design layers. In hidden-line elevations not so much, the filled green areas of the elevation symbol dont fill as expected. I'm sure I"m doing something wrong with classes but for the love of computers I cant make any solid color appear in hidden line (for elevations). Alternately - using the symbol with data-tag tool works brilliantly in a viewport as it throws them all in a nice neat column. However, its somehow tagging the same symbol that was placed in design layer, not tagging the floor slabs!? Need your wisdom here too. cheers, -j StoryMarkers.vwx
  2. of course. I spent about an hour with Tech support taking over the computer. They seem aware of the issue (WesR and I arent alone). HOpefully an answer soon.
  3. Folks, I'm playing around with an alternate idea for at least one set of grids - the heights. Make a floor slab object the size of your grid box. New style as you see fit, no fill & no texture. I put mine by a grid class without those things. Make the floor slab object by datum and of zero thickness. In side view (elevation) add an elevation benchmark tagged to this slab (which appears to be a rectangle). If you change the Story height, the slab (grid) and benchmark move accordingly. Now if only I could figure out why the Benchmark Elevation bubbles arent displaying right on the Sheet... Two steps forward...
  4. Hey folks - I've tried this a zillion times w/ no luck. Trying to make a grid bubble to attach to a floor slab (long story). Starting with a Duplicate of Window Hex, changed the current tag field definition to what I want. When I try to insert the tag it still shows as only applying to Windows. Where is that setting driven?
  5. Hi there - been stumped on this for a bit. Is it possible to create a slab style that uses 2 height datums / layers? I ask in relation to having walls below a slab which top out at "bottom of slab above", though the slab above is placed relative to "top of slab". So if you change thickness of slab, the walls below are no longer touching. It would be great if that were automagic. Engineers love changing slab thicknesses...
  6. I've recently moved a file from VW Cloud to Dropbox. The two are integrated w/ full visibility. When I try to cloud publish it gives me the error below to save project to dropbox, which is where th project is saved already. Then VW cloud crashes & gives me an error message every minute until I kill it in the Activity Monitor. Ive uninstalled & reinstalled the VW Cloud w/ no change in results. Also, VW displays an error message at the bottom right corner saying VW Cloud is disconnected. What am I doing wrong? (PS, other than font issues, the file published OK when stored on VW Cloud)
  7. Within an individual Space, I can edit the Boundary Definitions. When I select "Edit Style" these two are grayed out. That makes it impossible to change the default for a style?
  8. Pat, Many thanks for this. The key takeaway (and maybe my fault for not being clear, but only out of ignorance). I was trying to change to solid white. Turns out in over-ride you have to uncheck the Texture box in order for over-rides to work on the Graphic Attributes tab. Now we know! -jamie
  9. Pat, Am I reading this right that if one has a floor slab with components in multiple classes that the viewport overrides wont work as expected? IE: a floor slab with top surface on Component : Wood deck will mean its impossible to override that one class?
  10. Josh, did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue
  11. Ah - I did indeed get it to work. Had to delete the titleblock from page & re-insert. Then it works as you'd indicated! Well done Nikolay. -j
  12. No a shabby workaround. I still just dont want two or three copies of a symbol to have one on NEW, one on EXISTING, and one for DEMO.
  13. Interesting... however that seems to turn off grids & Borders too in spite of having them set NOT to use line-weights of titleblock object...
  14. Alan, tried it your way and still get this wee little stubborn line... Its easy to see if you select a scale in print dialog (from the PDF) of anything less than 100%
  15. Done - I was still searching for that to bump it. Not titled what I was searching for... thanks
  16. So odd this hasnt been addressed yet. It works with WALLS, why not symbols? So easy to move a wall from Wall-Main to Wall-Demo and viola, it's hatched in red? Why cant I do the same with the water-heater?
  17. Jonathan, yes tho it ended right before it got to the good stuff? Maybe behind the pay wall? line-weight, I like the stacked detail idea. I was wondering about 3D details too. Windows/door to show flashing at all sides etc... Almost too many choices!
  18. line-weight, Fair enough - something I'd not considered... how are you doing yours? On a Details layer? As symbols?
  19. I've searched and searched here, and watched Jonathans video, nothing quite helps get me out of the gate replacing our old acad detail library in VW. What's your office doing for details? We have a shared workgroup on the server. I would like them to live there. Ideally, they'll be readily available, and easy to edit. No strong preference yet between placing them directly into Sheets v Design layers. I like the idea of using the Detail callout tool, but not if I have to type the name of the detail again to use it. I would generally put that into the detail itself so we cant screw it up... Our previous workflow in Acad was to have shared files (say, stucco wall details) on the server. Xref that into model and then viewport the details one needs. It worked well. I can see doing something very similar so tried a few tests yesterday: If you Viewport ref in the details file, you have to draw a rectangle over the detail before you can detail viewport it. Not a major imposition, but kind of silly. If you layer-reference the detail in, you can have the rectangle in the detail (which we usually use to verify their size anyhow). Lastly, it seems you can do page-scaled symbols and then just plop them right onto sheet layers? So... what're you doing!? Where's the best-practices guide for this?
  20. Jonathan, Is there a way to specify where the label occurs? By default its always centered at bottom of VP. Can it be off to the right or left?
  21. Thanks guys - this is useful info. Has anyone found one of these settings that changes the location of the automagic label/title for viewports? They're always centered below a viewport. I'd strongly prefer them to the right side.
  22. Finally have a workaround. Next time you seek an IsError function try something like this: =IF(L18>=0.01, M18, 0) This evaluates L18 as being a positive number. If it is, then M18 is the answer, if not, it shows 0. Turns out a div/0 error is less than 0.01, so this if test works and shows a zero instead of an error message.
  23. Hi, somehow my titleblock & most everything else on my cover sheet is now stuck in Sketch Render. Its awful (like Comic Sans awful)! I honestly cant imagine how I did it, nor how to get rid of it. I deleted the sketch style from my resource browser, nothing. Click on the titleblock and it says render by sheet style default, which I cant find in the help, nor here? thanks
  24. Neil, Close, but you missed my underlying query: I'm much less concerned about having the Data Tags show up right, than the information they display being right! Please see the two bedrooms in the screenshot below. I made this trying a plan viewport & adding the tags in Annotation Space as suggested. The problem is that the room dimensions calculated by the SPACE are based on the rotated rectangle. The rooms are 22'-3" x 12'-3", yet they're displaying as something else which seems to have been measured on the diagonal. We need the Space tool to be savvy about the orientation of the space, or have some way to rotate what it's auto calculating from?
  25. Neil,Fairmore 01 copy.vwx Here you go. Thanks for your interest.
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