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  1. Taproot, our entire office migrated to Dropbox about 18 months ago & we shut down our local file server. Its made working from home WAY more productive as there's just a lot less time spent on slow file transfer, or forgotten-item-on-desktop time. We have set up project folders, which have plenty of empty folders within as a default structure. Also have an office standards folder which, among other things, holds the Vectorworks Workgroup files without issue. Like you we havent gone to project sharing yet for production, but have tested it out and it worked pretty darn well. FWIW, we also have spent a fair amount of time with Vectorworks Cloud and not had much luck. Mostly font related, but it also had a lot of trouble mixing relative and absolute links within Vectorworks files.
  2. Big wishlist item: Add Active Class Texture to Object Textures drop-down. Currently the Class Texture option only uses the Insertion Options class, not the Active Class. We're having great luck using different classes for different wall finishes, ie: Stucco 1, Stucco 2 etc... each Class has a different texture. Setting the stucco component to Active Class Texture yields nice results for walls, but for things like parapet walls, we need the Overall Object to follow along otherwise you need a separate parapet cap to hide the components in renderings.
  3. still doing it... for me to keep palettes open I have to uncheck the "autohide floating palettes" option. There is no way to make them not auto-hide anymore
  4. Just updated to Catalina on my mac mini. I minimized the Resource palette and cant make it stay open anymore? Clicking the - sign no longer makes a + thoughts?
  5. Since 2020 - graphic attributes of spaces arent deploying. I have symbol/Plug-in Objects for spaces w/ 2d fill & 3d fill colors. These settings are ignored at creation, and at Replace Style. What gives?
  6. Pat, Sorry if I wasnt more clear. The OIP "height" is not the height of the door, its the Z distance from Level. Somehow my doors are inserting not at 0. They seem to be insertinge at bottom of wall, which is not quite helpful for me as many of my wall styles drop below the FF level (like shaft walls etc...). Any further thoughts?
  7. My doors are inserting with height -2". Where is this setting?
  8. Friends - what're you guys doing at areas like these wall intersections where the automatic floor slab somehow errors? These are intersections between full-height & partial height (parapet) walls. For some reason, the floor slab follows the 45 of the wall joint and makes a weird triangle. If you DONT join the walls, the slab tool doesnt work, if you DO join the walls, well, the slab tool doesnt work...
  9. Art, yeah that's easy if you have objects. I used that tool daily in Acad for schematic level stuff, and for getting room sizes right
  10. I do too, but sometimes you just want a quick measurement during schematics - like how big is half of a room?
  11. like the tape measure, but for area. Polygon, fill etc...
  12. We interchange these on drawings all day long. Annoying to have to check the box and go back & forth. Can it be 2 separate tools please?
  13. Anyone else having this? When I add a new callout in VP, the page-display radically increases in size and all dimensions change. Using the eye-dropper to put them back doesnt fully do it either. WTF?
  14. Parking space tool no longer works right in 2020. This space was drawn in 2019 and behavior is duplicated for me in 2020 across files. Accessible space has its Aisle width added to the space width, then the aisle shows on end.
  15. In theory. I've been trying to get it to work for a year without much luck.
  16. attached below @Marissa Farrell WallTest.vwx
  17. Playing around with Data Visualization a bit more, for some reason even with boxes unchecked it appears to be overriding pen colors? The two walls shown should have identical pens. One has a 2-HR rating w/ visualisation shown. I have not checked boxes for pen over-rides yet theyve changed from red to black? thanks
  18. @SMannVW, Thanks so much for that. The video I took my screenshot from showed pull-downs for fire & acoustic ratings. Do you know how to achieve that?
  19. Well, this video showed me something I've been dying to do - how to properly tag walls for fire & acoustics!? How oh how pray tell does one specify Fire Rating and STC for walls, doors etc? This is SUPER useful to be so buried. Is there a tutorial for all this I've missed someplace? Thanks
  20. It would be great to specify other than Story Above for stairs. Useful for split level buildings, or stairs from random grade elevations up to story heights.
  21. Thanks - I wound up doing Method 1. Still a lot of cleanup, but it got it done.
  22. Hey folks, I'm trying to push a building around to fit within the height envelope on a sloping lot. Select-all and Move somehow fails. It will only move the roof, and delete a few 1st story walls. Not at all the behaviour one would expect. Any suggestions? PS, ive tried grouping and that does other weird stuff...
  23. Boh, I played around for a few minutes and cannot help, sorry. I dont know why my trick isnt working on your file...
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