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  1. Thank you very much Katie. I will try your suggestions. As long as we're at it, is there a way to ensure that the default for newly created objects is a clear and NOT a white background? I know you can change the class properties to clear and then default to that, but it is like pulling teeth to get staff to do it and I would just like to change the default for new classes/items to clear. Honestly, I can't understand why white is the default. It makes me crazy even before we have PDF problems with it.
  2. Oh, by the way, this is VW 9.5 running on both Macs and PCs. We usually print from Macs to control the text appearance.
  3. Hello. We are trying to find a method of printing to file which our service bureaus can handle. We purchased Distiller and the process of printing to PDF seems to work OK on our side--the PDFs look good. Unfortunately the service bureaus (2 so far) can't rip the PDFs to TIFs without introducing errors, such as grey shading at supposedly white objects and wild text incompatibilities. I notice that at least on the PC version, there is a "Print to File" check box, but in typical semi-broken VW fashion, it doesn't prompt for a save location nor does it assign a file type. What type of file does this create and how can it be viewed? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Paul Dent SF, CA
  4. While I've got your attention, maybe you can help me with another bug. I have a lot of fonts installed in Windows. When I go to the font dialog, they fill the whole screen, and I can't scroll to the right to access the ones there! As a short term solution I had to uninstall the fonts I don't use often, but I'd like to put them back, and this seems like a really stupid bug.
  5. It has happened with 8.5, 9.0.1, 9.5, and now 9.5.2.
  6. Thanks to both of you. But I don't know if I'm ready to start tinkering with VectorScript. I hardly know what I'm doing with AutoLisp. And yes, in case you can't tell, I'm on a PC, so it can't be a Mac default no matter what Nemetschek says. My cheap company makes us use VW. [ 11-29-2002, 12:18 PM: Message edited by: phdarch ]
  7. As a companion to my previous post, I'm frustrated with the autosave option VW offers. It interrupts your work in the middle of a command (which is annoying enough) to ask you if you want to save it, and then the default is no! So you have to actually pick the "yes" option. Is there a way to change the default option to "yes" so you could just hit "enter"? Of course, if it could be configured to just do it with no dialog box (like Autocad does), that would be best. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I've been having this problem since day 1 of using VW on my Win2000 machine. If I open an existing drawing and pick the "solid pen color" on the Attributes dialog box, the program immediately crashes with a runtime error. This does not happen with a new drawing, and I can work around it by opening a new drawing, picking the color option, then switching to the old drawing. But I'm tired of doing so, and sometimes I forget, so I lose all the work I've done to that point. My Win installation and device drivers are all up to date and the machine has plenty of memory. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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