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  1. Interesting problem. When plotting from Vectorworks directly to the plotter and then comparing a .pdf file created by Vectorworks and plotted from Acrobat. The Acrobat file is sllightly off scale. Example a 3 foot door now leasure 2-10 1/2". This has been tried on bothe Mac and the PC using Vectorworks 11.5. Does anyone have any idea why the drawing is shrinking when plotted to a .pdf file?
  2. Although everything on the screen looks perfectly fine 10.2.6 and OSX when plotting some files text comes out reversed and rotated. This does not happed with the same file on the Windows version of 10. Partial fix. Export drawing to PC save on the PC, give file a new name and reopen with the Mac. 95% of the reversed text is corrected when plotting. Please note by plotting I have tried both an HP 1055 CM and a laser printer from GCC. I have contacted tech support twice with this problem and both times tech support stopped responding. This is a serious issue since I can not provide my clients with readable documents from the Mac. To make things worse the files when opened appear to be just fine.
  3. Vectorworks 9.5.3 OS 10.2.2 iMAC 512K RAM Gcc Elite 20/800 11x17 postcript multi-tray printer 1) When printing anydocument, letter, legal, tabloid which is a portion of a parger drawing the left margin (1/4") is filled with juimbled text and graphics. 2) When reducing the percentage of the printout to less than 100%, printer paper tray selection no longer works. 3) When printing a tabloid size 35% reduced sheet the printer reinitializes and nothing prints. No error messages. HP designjet 1055cm plus. CUSTOM page sizes do not work. When trying to set up a custom page size 24x36 rotated at a 90? angle to allow a ARCH D print to print on a 36" roll without wasting paper. First a 24" blank page is printed followed by the drawing. So a total of 48" paper is printed for a 24x36 drawing. Stock sizes however do work fine.


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