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  1. Hi, Jumpin in on your conversation, fill overrides through viewports are only applicabe to items that has a 2d component. so you'll have to turn your 3d solids to a symbol, generate/create a 2d component. From there you can control the fill appearance in your viewports.
  2. For hatches to appear in your elevations, it needs to be in a renderworks texture, and that texture is then applied to your wall. First step is to have a renderworks texture, click on the edit option(you're in resource manager window), you can choose hatch (instead of none) and then on the bottom, you can choose your preferred hatch. (in resource manager) you can modify your hatch scale by right click/ edit, try to find the scale option. hope this helps.
  3. Hi Andrew, You can add a data via resource manager (not in object info). From the resource manager, right click the symbol will see IFC data option. This way every time you drag and drop the symbol in model space it will always attach the data.
  4. Hi, I'm also curious if there is a regen like in autocad because I'm having trouble in dimensions. if i try to replace or erase a text style in the resource manager and replace it with a new text style the dimensions changes and the only solution i can come up with is somehow just move dimension or change text style in object info, is there a shorter way to regenerate all dimensions at once?
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