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  1. I have recently got the renderworks training cd along with the extra promise of exercises available on the website available only if you have the cd. There are 5 exerices in total. None of them dealing with renderworks. I am quite disappointed....I feel I have been slightly ripped off! The cd is good but would like to have exercises to reinforce this new knowledge.

    In other 3D programs there are a sleu of tutorials to help learn the programs. Why does this one fall short?

  2. Does anyone know what happened to the the tutorials that were on the site?? Are there other tutorials out there on the web? Looking to refine my skills...

    Thanks for you help,


  3. Well, the project that was focused on was building a house in the VW 8 cds. Nothing too complicated which I expect at first. But does not go into more complicated scenery. Like circles...adding text....truss work.....

    They seemed very focused on just the archtiects and not the other entertainment based designers which use this program. I work in tradeshows, concerts, corporate theatre.

  4. I used the VW cd's when I first bought the program and they did not help out a lot.....I had gotten a couple of books and they were much more informative and easier to follow.....

    Any suggestions for books at all?

  5. Hey, I am currently a MAC user looking to go crossplatformed. Was curious what people thought would be good for a PC. I have been looking at the vpr-Matrix computer from Best Buy. I run VW, Lightwave(animation), Photoshop, Illustrator. I would say these are my heavy hitters. I am looking to spend $2000 or less.....

    any thoughts??

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