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    "Read only" vwx files on windows server

    Still experiencing the same problems, downgrading the user account on the MAC causes problems with other software. Up untill now, the fileshares on the server are working perfectly on all MAC's, except for vwx files. Setup: Proliant Gen10 server VW version 14 Default network (router = gateway, server = dhcp+dns server, default LAN) All devices have a wired conenction.
  2. Terry_Alfasol

    "Read only" vwx files on windows server

    @peterlukejenkins You were wondering for people with this setup. We've migrated to a windows server 2016 this week, and have had non-stop issues accessing the vwx files from the file shares. When the user copies the file to desktop, he can edit and save without a problem. It can then be uploaded to the shares (with another filename), but can't overwrite the old file (still read-only). After uploading the next .vwx file, the same happens again: marked as readonly. Other files can be edited without a problem (.xlsx, ...), it seems to only happen with .vwx files. We've fiddled around with security on the files, but they have the same settings as the files which can be accessed. Our server has SMB 3.0 enabled, I don't feel like disabling this for obvious reasons, so I haven't seen the access work on SMB 1.0 So in short, you aren't the only setup experiencing these problems. We're awaiting further result of the logs Vectorworks seems to be investigating.


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