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  1. I can move the xy orgin when in plan view, but how does one change the orgins when in a side view. And if you can't change it, how do you position 3d objects precisely without having the ability to type in specific dimensions?? I have a feeling this is easy, but I am struggling. Thanks in advance, Tim
  2. Sorry for the delay. No I don't know how to edit the config. file. Do you really think it is a system problem. I use this same computer to capture digital video and edit. Not having any problems with that and they can be large files??? I appreciate your help. Tim
  3. I have a 60G harddrive with maybe 5G in use. As far as Icons in the corner, it looks like I have 9 with one being Norton which has an additional 3or4. Do you think I should disable some of these? Thanks Tim
  4. I have 192K of Ram and a 60G hard drive with a P2 processor running win 98. I tried your suggestion with the same results. I dont get a printer error, but it is as if nothing is sent to the printer as it quickly shoots the paper out and announces that the printing is complete. Thanks in advance for any help. Tim
  5. Using VW 9.5.1 with Renderworks &Win98. Can't seem to print rendered models. Doesnt crash the system but it justs shoots the paper out with nothing on it. Works fine with OpenGL option. Printer is a Lexmark Z51. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Tim
  6. OK, Thanks I can now make them completly disappear, but I can't seem to get to the menu that allows you to adjust reflection, etc. It looks like it is all or nothing??? Thanks Tim
  7. I am familiar with selecting the various glaze options in the Object window, but how do I change the parameters of the particular glazes. None of the 3 that were available were clear glass???? Thanks Tim
  8. Having a difficult time doing a simple task. Install a window into a wall and then being able to see through it. What are my missing? I have scoured the user guide, but can't make it work. Any help would be appreciated. Using version 9.5.1 Thanks Tim


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