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  1. All good,


    You will need to create a Renderworks Style in the resource manager by selecting New Resource>Renderworks Style. Edit the resource and you can change all the rendering settings. 


    Environment lighting brightens the model using colors from the background. 


    Changing environment reflections will not directly affect lighting, it just selects which environment image shows up in reflections.

  2. You do need a designer series product to use the workgroup features. However, if you just wanted to share some template files and documents that contain resources, just save them on cloud storage or network storage that all of your users have access to. As long as the files can be accessed, any user can add them to their personal favorites folder and utilize them. Once you select "Add New Favorites Files", a Windows Explorer or Finder window will open where you can find the correct file(s). Do keep in mind, you may need something like the Dropbox desktop application to access cloud files from Windows Explorer or Finder. 




  3. Caustic photons will drastically increase rendering time. You would need to ensure that you have caustic photons enabled on each of your light objects as well or it won’t have much of an effect. Furthermore, caustics aren’t necessary for making high quality glass renderings. To get you more familiar with the various settings I’m going to include some links to our instructional content on the matter. 








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  4. Which light object are you using?


    Also, if you change the Display Light Objects setting to "Only in wireframe" lighting objects will not display in OpenGL, Fast Renderworks, etc. 


    If you change it to "Never" the light objects will disappear entirely from the drawing which may only be useful temporarily. (You could still edit lights through the visualization palette) 



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