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  1. Hey @Simon Allan


    Looping in @bbudzon for some backup, but I'll do my best to answer these questions. It is important to note that while MVR export is now available in Vectorworks, this is a project that is being continually developed and optimized. 


    19 hours ago, Simon Allan said:

    Why are the lights being replaced with a "place holder" and not the actual fixture?

    This has to do with the way that programs using MVR treat lighting fixtures. Not every program uses a lighting device in the same way that Vectorworks does, instead they often use native geometry and parameters for how the lighting device should appear and function in their program. For this reason MVR contains info for a light's 3D location as well as some info about the light. The receiving program then decides what object belongs at that location, what attached info is relevant, and how it should behave. 


    19 hours ago, Simon Allan said:

    Why do the light place holders contain no 3D rotation info for my lights as it was present in the original VWX file?

    I would have to check up on this, but I might assume it has to do with the first answer. The rotation information is being applied to the geometry of a lighting fixture in a VWX file that is not being transferred through MVR. If true, this would be a sensible optimization for the future. 


    19 hours ago, Simon Allan said:

    Why do the trusses come back as groups?

    Not certain what the reason for this is. But I have had several experiences where similar objects ended up grouped together. Another thing I'll need to ask about, but it may just be to simplify the drawing.


    20 hours ago, Simon Allan said:

    Why has everything other than the lights and the fan lost its class information?

    This sounds like it is working as designed. MVR was created to contain information about lighting devices, 3D Geometry/Locations, and textures. All other info may be extraneous and could lead to larger file sizes and possibly less performance. 

  2. Hello @sjordan_,


    If you would like to change the transition speed between saved views in your animation you just need to set a few more options.


    Select "Animation Options..." 



    Create a new animation



    Choose to "Edit..." the New Animation 



    Now you get a timeline where you can add or remove saved views and specify the length of transitions. 






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  3. @Adamsauder 

    There is a bunch of info here about how to take geometry and turn it into a glowing lighting device in Vectorworks. You can apply these same techniques to any objects you want to use to resemble LED Tape. I talked with one of our Vision engineers and you can essentially do the same thing in vision and make the LED Tape DMX controllable. Let me know if you'd like some more info on that process. 


  4. If you go into the workspace editor you can customize the shortcut for the Clear command. You wouldn't be able to set it to just "E" (You can only use single keys for tool key shortcuts). You could set it to Command + "E" or something like that. (Command + "E" is the extrude key shortcut by default so you'd need to change that as well). Your only other option would be a third party application that lets you remap your keyboard. 



  5. Could be a number of things. I would check the light properties for the light object and make you you have cast shadows enabled and soft shadows disabled. Have you tried just using Fast or Final Quality renderworks?


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