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  1. Thank you again. We will try using the new ws2 functions on Vw2021 .
  2. Thank you for your message . I rephrase my question . I want to know how to add some menus and tools to existing workspaces using the VS script . I saw new functions about Workspaces on site : /developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Vectorworks_2021_New_Functions If we want edit a workspace, we have to use the new functions ? Are there any sample script or hint somewhere ? Initially, I think we would like to do add our menu to all workspaces . I think so when I saw the EnableDebugMenu command can changes (add and hide) all workspaces . Thank you . (A&A Japan)
  3. On Vw2021, when we run EnableDebugMenu(True); or EnableDebugMenu(False); , then "Debug" Menu turn on or off on the Menu bar of Workspaces. In this way, can we control our Workspaces by script ?


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