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  1. D-VECT

    Architects BIM/2D/3D Workflow

    @Luis Calderon Hi, I am also six months in using Vectorworks and also struggling with the file management and workflow, I would like to know if you have had any success finding the answer and suggestion for where to look at? I am fighting with thousands of classes and layers, and honestly it is a clunky program so far- by any means I am not giving up yet! Thanks a lot and have a nice day!!
  2. Hi all, I am a landscape architect who works on big scale projects, and I am new to Vectorworks (I have more expereiences in Rhino, Autocad, Illustrator and sketchup. ) Due to the scale and complexity of our project I find vectorworks file management can easily and quickly expand into a painful drafting expereince if you load all consultants drawings into one file ( architecture, urban planning, civic engineering and existing site information which is not possible to ignore for our work) This makes lists of layers and classes extreme long and difficult to navigate. Looking at layers alone, I have 99 layers. I know it sounds insane but this is how currently my company setup is like. On top of that, if you add more graphic classes then it is even more extreme. The longer the project goes, crazier it gets although the layers are very well maintained and cleaned up regularly - I am in Vectorworks2017. I understand Vectorworks is trying to be Autocad (drafting) and Photoshop (graphic) at the same time, but as the result it also takes a long time to load and work on one simple area of design. By far, its the most extrem clicking back and forth in my 15 years of working experience from all the softwares above. I would appreciate if anyone could point me to a smarter file management system, how do manage big projects with many consultant drawings and design options. Extra question: does newer version of Vectorworks enables layer folders like photoshop or illustrator? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. D-VECT

    Link Hatch Surface to Text

    Hi Jim, I was finally able to find this tool and added to my kit, but according to my colleagues who has long 6 years expereience for vectorworks, she said this tool is not very realiable. Does it also occur to you ? Or if there is any setting we need to pay attention to? Thanks in advance!
  4. D-VECT

    Link Hatch Surface to Text

    @Jim Wilson yes thank you, I have seen this video but I have a hard time finding here to even enabling the spacetool, apparently its only available in 'landmark'? (http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Spaces/Creating_Spaces_with_the_Space_Tool.htm) attaching how my screen looks like. Thanks.
  5. D-VECT

    Link Hatch Surface to Text

    Hi Jim, I am a new Vectorworks user, and I saw your posting and would like to know more about this tool. Current operating system: Windows, Vectorworks version: 2017, Landscape and in German. I tried enabling this tool but I could not find it where to even look for it. Do you think you can make a few screenshots to help me out? Thanks!!


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