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  1. Hi Folks,

    looking for some advice here.

    Any thoughts why my extruded "pilasters" have the Black lines when rendered?

    everything else renders fine in this mode.  and I have changed a couple of things.  

    Each time I render it looks great and at the very last second I get these black lines on these objects only.


    any thoughts?


    Line Capture  Pilasters.PNG

  2. So I have been playing with this for 2 days and  cant seen to get this to work.

    keep getting unexpected results. Entire  DLVP Viewport rotates,  can't change angles etc.

    What am I missing here.

    FOH truss

    2 Mid Truss

    2 US Truss

    Should be simple Tried turning off Layers Etc


    Anyone have a sample file and step by step to share.






    DLVP 1.PNG

    DLVP 2.PNG

  3. On 1/21/2019 at 11:47 PM, scottmoore said:

    Agreed. That said, and I have said this before, DLVPs do offer quite a lot of flexibility beyond simply raking a truss. Let’s say you have some lighting pods that are automated at different trims and different angles throughout an event. No problem. Make duplicates of your initial DLVP, class each seaparately and move/rake to your heart’s content. Have a piece of moving scenery that travels about on stage?  Same thing. DLVP’s are really quite versatile and those are just two examples of uses that could not be accomplished by simply rotating geometry. 


    Clunky?  Yeah probably, however, my solution to avoid the clunky aspect is to do the following in my template file:


    - I have ten design layers already set for creating DLVP’s. 


    - I have ten classes already set up for DLVP’s. 


    - I have already created the physical viewport for each design layer, assigned it to it’s appropriate class and turned on the “use current class visibilities” option. 


    For me, all I do is start drawing in the pre-defined layer, go back to my standard drawing layer, turn on the appropriate DLVP class and rotate into position. Done!  


    Hi Scott,

    This is a good thread

    I already use a bunch of viewports and have a template for most of my layers working layers,  lighting, audio, scenic etc. and I am venturing into DLVP  for trussing. Etc. 

    Could you elaborate on how you use the 10 layers with DLVP and 10 Classes for DLVP  

    I am interested in your Naming conventions and how you handle layer height.



  4. Just now, JustinVH said:

    @pmorrill If you are a VSS subscriber you can submit a Spotlight Fixture request through the support page and the content team will work to add the light to the libraries if all the required information can be found.


    Thanks I am vss and i checked there.  of course i need it right away.   i will submit and in the mean time i will try and modify the other existing symbol  thx for the reply


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