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  1. I have a drawing with multiple LED Walls can I create a quick way to label them in a drawing Basically pull the info from OIB? size pixel count manufacturer module count etc. Thanks
  2. Yes there is a dual view mode Primary and secondary or both.. new it was here just could not find it. thanks for help got it now.
  3. that's what i was afraid of using a dual dimension mode - shows both better than nothing. Thanks mark I have a new feature request 😉
  4. Thanks Mark, will this affect entire document or just this detail?
  5. Good evening folks, Doing a drawing and I need to dimension in inches only and i can't seem to list the dims in inches only. defaults to Feet-Inches. What am I missing here. This should be easy can't find it? Thanks in advance, -paul
  6. Ahh Multiple copies of extrude " Coincident objects thx mark 🙂 I think that fixed it I do like coincident object selection tool J + HOLD > Click to select the extra stuff an unsung hero tool
  7. Hi Folks, looking for some advice here. Any thoughts why my extruded "pilasters" have the Black lines when rendered? everything else renders fine in this mode. and I have changed a couple of things. Each time I render it looks great and at the very last second I get these black lines on these objects only. any thoughts? thanks
  8. Thx Scott make sense on the naming I do the same essentially with names. FOH Mid SR MID SL USL USR. I am struggling with the raking of the individual trusses in 3D for Client and keeping a good 2D plot for Shop.
  9. So I have been playing with this for 2 days and cant seen to get this to work. keep getting unexpected results. Entire DLVP Viewport rotates, can't change angles etc. What am I missing here. FOH truss 2 Mid Truss 2 US Truss Should be simple Tried turning off Layers Etc Anyone have a sample file and step by step to share. Thanks, Paul
  10. Hi Scott, This is a good thread I already use a bunch of viewports and have a template for most of my layers working layers, lighting, audio, scenic etc. and I am venturing into DLVP for trussing. Etc. Could you elaborate on how you use the 10 layers with DLVP and 10 Classes for DLVP I am interested in your Naming conventions and how you handle layer height. thanks, -Paul
  11. Thanks I am vss and i checked there. of course i need it right away. i will submit and in the mean time i will try and modify the other existing symbol thx for the reply
  12. Hi Folks, Anyone have a model / symbol for the Kino Diva-Lite LED 41 DMX fixture. VWX has the kino diva led 20 & 30 but alas no 40 or 41 Thanks
  13. here is a sample drape is curved at top and bottom and has a "belly" to it thx
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