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  1. Maggie Dier

    Generic College account and Proof of Employment

    Hi there, For this situation, you would not use an academic portal license because these are individual licenses specific to the user. You can request a multi-seat donation for your school by filling our lab request form and emailing me the number of seats that you need. My email address is mdier@vectorworks.net. Sincerely, Maggie
  2. Maggie Dier

    Free Vision for Students?

    Hi @MValerio if you are inside of the US please email me at mdier@vectorworks.net and provide me either your Student Portal email or valid proof that you are a student. If you are outside of the US please email our Global Support Team at globalsupport@vectorworks.net
  3. Maggie Dier

    Free Vision for Students?

    @Emtrix For all educational Vision requests outside of the U.S. please email our Global Support Team at globalsupport@vectorworks.net!
  4. Maggie Dier

    Free Vision for Students?

    We are currently working on getting our educational Vision Plus licenses integrated into our academic portal, so for the time being all individual requests need to go through me. My name is Maggie Dier and I am the Academic Programs Coordinator. You can request Vision by emailing me at mdier@vectorworks.net or contacting me directly on the forum!
  5. Maggie Dier

    Student Licence Expiration

    Hi Nora! I am the Academic Programs Coordinator here at Vectorworks. I need some more information on your account to assist you, so I will follow up with a direct message.


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