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  1. @JuanP Have you found my message ?
  2. Juan I wrote from maneshin.projects@gmail.com
  3. My activation was reset and I installed VW to the new PC. I got the error "An attempt to activate over the internet has failed because of communication problems. Do you want to try again? Make sure you have unrestricted internet access and that you are connected." "Try Again" or "Quit." My Firewall and antivirus fully closed. I'd tried to install VW to the old computer(it works before activation was reset) and had the same error. I found 2 topics where people have the same problem and no one couldn't help. I sent 2-3 requests to VW support and now VWS ignoring me. How I can use my high cost soft??????
  4. I created extrude object, how i can set the image on the one of side?
  5. It's so interesting thank you for new information, but my problem is more easy. I need to do truss system with truss from VW libraries.
  6. How to do beams visible at the shaded view?
  7. When i already created a truss construction which i need how to assign it to truss system without snap each part to other part?
  8. First im do the front rectangle, second from top view, third left/right view. Then im press script and first rectangle becomes a 1st viewport and going to 1st sheet layer etc.
  9. Is it possible to choose fixtures, use script write 2 value(Channel and Unit number) and after this the fixtures autonumbered? If yes how to do it?
  10. How to create script for step scaling viewport. For example: tap one button +5 scaling, tap another button twice -10.
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