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  1. I am having this problem. Also it can take a couple of goes selecting objects using the marquee. By the third try you get them. Restart fixs it every time. Dual 1.2 Os 10.2.1 VW 10
  2. I have just upgraded to VWA 10 from 8.5. I use a multi page layout ie 2 pages across and 4 pages down. Using a Mac and a koncia 7020. The job looks fine on the screen but on paper pages 2 on have a flipped mirrored version of them selves from the pervious page.Objects seem to be mirrored about the page break line. Converting the symbol to a group seems to fix it. Any Ideas.
  3. Hello I just installed the 10.2.2 update. The only new problem is the printing one. All OS X apps crash if I try to print. I'm using a koncia 7020. If you open VW is classic it prints fine.
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