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  1. Hi (1) VW 10.5, Mac OSX 10.2.6 (2) using the "assign room finish" tool (3) yes, each space has the room record checked on the data tab of the OI palette, as well as all the relevant predefined finishes
  2. I have just tried to create a room finish schedule for the first time. I first created spaces, then assigned all the relevant room finishes. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but every time I try to create a room finish schedule the box or worksheet (either) is blank and has no information (names or values)! The room finish legend works fine.
  3. No, the gimp-print does not list the plotter under supported plotters. As soon as they do, I'll give it a try and post the results. For now we're stuck with waiting for new updates from hp.
  4. I am creating a new post, as wivc and I (and cacamote) are apparently being ignored! I recently bought an hp designjet 120nr. I have installed the hp driver 2.2, under Mac OSX 10.2.6. My computer is not networked, the printer is connected to my computer via the USB port. I am using Vectorworks 10.1.2. VW quits without warning after printing (or even on a couple of occasions after simply sending for a print preview). It also sometimes (not always) corrupts the files. The message I get is "-39 end of file reached during read -FSREAD" and Vectorworks quits attempting to open the file. Obviously, I am now saving files to a separate back-up folder, and making copies of files before printing. Although less serious than corrupting files, the fact that VW keeps quitting all the time is costing much valuable time.
  5. Is there any way to recover files damaged after printing? Please help! The message I get is "-39 end of file reached during read -FSREAD" and Vectorworks quits before it opens. I have lost an important presentation drawing.
  6. I have just bought the hp designjet 120nr, and am also running VW10.1.2 on OSX 10.2.6 and I am having exactly the same problems!! I wish I'd checked the the Tech board first. VW not only quits after printing, it also does so after just asking for a print preview...
  7. Thank you! It's not just that particular file...it happens in every file. How do I make a sit archive of it?
  8. Thank you for your advice, but it didn't help me. As I said, my computer gives me a sound alert (no message) every time I try to change the no. of muntins, regardless of the type of window I have chosen. It simply won't let me do it...and resets the box in the OIP to zero every time. I had a major presentation last week, so I eventually made my own 2D/3D hybrid window symbol (time consuming, but less frustrating). Would you suggest I re-install to sort out the problem?
  9. Any help for my window problems?? In addition, VW sometimes "unexpectedly quits" while I am changing door and window features in the OIP.
  10. Thank you, but I am still not able to change the number of vertical and horizontal muntins in any given window. I am running VWA on an eMac, and every time I try to change the "Num V muntins" or "Num H muntins", my computer makes an alert sound and resets the box to zero. This happens no matter what type of window I select from the drop-down menu. I have been trying this out by changing info in the object info palette whilst in a wireframe 3D view, so that I can see the impact of the changes I make. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I recently upgraded from VW 8 to VWA 10 and for the most part love it but am frustrated with the new window and door tools! 1. What happened to the tool that allowed me to create an opening in a wall...I used to use it a lot! 2. Why can I no longer add extra horizontal and vertical mullions to any of the windows (to create cottage-pane windows)? 3. What are muntins? 4. Where did the garage/carport doors disappear to? Please help...
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