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  1. Hello. Has anyone manage to figure out how to use the new feature in 2022 version. The new framed doors are apparently able to be divided into separate panels so for instance you should be able to have a door with left and right stiles and a top rail, bottom rail and 1 middle rail and 2 operate panels If anyone can tell me where this function is, much obliged. Cheers Adam
  2. Hi I am having issues with he new nc macro for interiorcad. I have watch the demo several times but apparently I am missing the fundamental understanding of how and where to create and save the symbols. it seem there 2 separate symbols, 1 symbol being the cutter, the other being the handle. I don't have a problem drawing either one of those, it is really a question as where to save these different symbols. I have followed the tutorial but when it comes to saving these items, the drop down menu I have doesn't present me with he same folders. I don't think there is anything wrong with the program, I just think I am lacking the fundamental understanding. Can someone Pointe in the right direction or tutorial so I can expand my knowledge? many thanks Adam
  3. Hi I am having a small problem with Interiorcad part list generator. Some how it is creating the parts list but as you can see everything is blacked out. What have I ticked or unticked to create this problem? Also the number of parts doesn't correspond to the correct number of parts from the object I designed. Thank you for your help.
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