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  1. I am currently working on a project in VWX 2018 spotlight and i needed to convert a structure I made into a NURBS Surface so that i could send it over to Dialux for lighting calculations some of my structure turned into to NURBS surface but some turned into a curve. is there any way to get everything to changer to a NURBS surface?
  2. @Rob Books I will check with my Boss but I don't think that would be an issue
  3. So I arrived at work today and fired up vectorworks 2018. I am working on a job that requires a specific truss so I tried to use the truss insertion tool and all the truss i dropped in wouldn't show up the the end plates of the truss. All class visabilities seem to be on and attributes are all solid. I also encountered the same problem with some on the lighting fixture symbols. I'm sort of at a stand still now for this project so I'd welcome any and all thoughts!
  4. Yes, I had one set of Pipes going left to right named A-H and one set of pipes going top to bottom named 1-11.
  5. @markdd Thank you, I had a pipe grid with position names, once I got rid of those the focus point issue was fixed!
  6. I have been working back and forth between two separate projects recently (Lets call them Project A and Project B), I had both projects open in separate tabs while I was working. All of the focus points work in project A but in project B when I create a new focus point it will not allow me to rename it anything in the range of 1-11 and A-H, it says that anything in between those letters and numbers are already in use but there are no focus points anywhere in project B. Please let me know if you need any other info!


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