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  1. Hi there, I'm new to Vectorworks and this forum, and using Vectorworks Landmark 2015 with Renderworks. I'm creating a garden for wheelchair users and have made good progress using the tutorials on the Vectorworks website. I've imported my .dwg Landscape Survey, created a 3D model of the existing barn onsite, with door and roof, in a layer called 'landscape plan', and drawn out the design (paths, ramps, landings, beds, lawn etc.) in 2D in a layer called 'draft plan'. Using hybrid tools/hardscape tool, I would now like to convert the 2D draft plan into a 3D model around the barn, with all the different areas at the correct levels, with ramps and lawns at the correct gradients, and I'm struggling! The tutorial I've been following ('Getting Started Guide' on the website) uses different layers set at different levels for each terrace, another tutorial speaks of using the stake tool with site modifiers. I appreciate there are always different ways to do the same thing, but I would be so grateful if someone could explain a tried and tested workflow/ document organisation to help me with this. I've tried searching the forum but haven't found a way to get this information. Thanks in advance.


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