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  1. Hi VW, I would like to see an update on the Lighting tools in VW. As an interior/ Retail designer we want to create for example boxlights, line lights. The "convert to" line light of area light tools are in my eyes a bit old dated, or not working fine when you have a large store/ interior space. I dont want work with a Glow texture but with actual lighting that i can control. My vision; update the light tools by adding something like; light using line & light using box. Also options to change the spread and beam of the box. What do you think?
  2. Hi VW, Is it possible to drag & drop images from desktop into a TEX folder or into VW program?? (not using as bitmap but as Renderworks textures) Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Vectorworks, Can you plzzzzz update the lighting tools. It's old-dated like the tools: area light or line light... It should at least be possible to controle the angle of a area light. Think about all the led boxen we have these days. Take a look at programs like Studio max or the tools in Cinema 4D. Now everyone is using a glow texture... That should not be te right way. Hope this will be added to 2020!


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