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  1. Hello Experts! I'm looking for someone who can helps me out with producing a parametric (or plug-in) object. The thing is; i'm using a lot of retail shelvings in projects and instead of making tons of symbols with different heights depths etc. So in vectorworks there is a tool called 'shelving unit' (in furn/fixtures) and its basically close what i want. Wishlish: - Changing height of shelving (different) - Changing width of shelving (500, 665, 1000, 1250, 1330mm or custom) - Changing number of shelfs and depth - Changing base depth - Changing backpanel (open, closed or mesh) - Changing wall unit or gondola (2 sided) - Manually shelf heights (if possible) I'm also checking if its possible to count all my shelving with a report. ( without having coincident uprights) Additionally would it be great (or for future) to generate a report of this with all the different parts; for example the number of uprights (of different heights) brackets, shelfs, etc) First of all, is this possible? Secondly are you the one that could build this. Please contact me. shelving.vwx
  2. Same problem over here. in VW 2020 and 2022.. Do you know when this issue will be fixed or what we could do.
  3. Hello, Can anyone help me with a script for a drawingset or sheetlist of all the sheet layers including the scale? In the past i did this with records and worksheets but for titleblocks it doesnt work. Additional question: Is it possible to change the numbers in this list and it will adapt in the titleblocks as well?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to figure out how the change the scale of the current titleblock/ sheet layer. i've no experience with scripting but i've managed to change an existing script for the scale fuction. the only thing is that it changes the scale of all title blocks. Can anyone help me or maby come up with a better idea? #User defined project name strProjectName = vs.StrDialog('Change Scale','1:'); #Sheet data record format and field strRecordName = 'Title Block Sheet Data' strRecordField = 'Scale' def SetRecord(h): vs.SetRField(h,strRecordName,strRecordField,strProjectName); vs.ResetObject(h); criteria = '((R in [' + "'" + strRecordName + "'" + ']))'; vs.ForEachObject( SetRecord, criteria); Some additional questions: 1. Is it possible to place the script into the menubar? 2. In the title block manager you have a update scale button; is it possible to add this feature to the object info (without opening the title block manager)?
  5. Hi VW, I would like to see an update on the Lighting tools in VW. As an interior/ Retail designer we want to create for example boxlights, line lights. The "convert to" line light of area light tools are in my eyes a bit old dated, or not working fine when you have a large store/ interior space. I dont want work with a Glow texture but with actual lighting that i can control. My vision; update the light tools by adding something like; light using line & light using box. Also options to change the spread and beam of the box. What do you think?
  6. Hi VW, Is it possible to drag & drop images from desktop into a TEX folder or into VW program?? (not using as bitmap but as Renderworks textures) Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Vectorworks, Can you plzzzzz update the lighting tools. It's old-dated like the tools: area light or line light... It should at least be possible to controle the angle of a area light. Think about all the led boxen we have these days. Take a look at programs like Studio max or the tools in Cinema 4D. Now everyone is using a glow texture... That should not be te right way. Hope this will be added to 2020!
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