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  1. I am sitting in VW 2018 and trying to do as described above by @Diamond, but it does not seem to work. I have several issues with it, including the following: - I can't make a section viewport from a sheet directly to a design layer. When I attempt to do so, it makes the section, but it is still viewed as a plan - If I create a viewport with a plan drawing with which I want to make a section, directly on a design layer, the line where the section is cutting, is off by app. 5000 mm. So I need to drag the line around to get it to make a section where I want it to. - And when I have finally made the section, the graphics goes crazy. It flickers and I can only see the whole drawing and the objects beyond the viewing plane, when zooming far out. Are there anyone who have found an easier way to make a section viewport on a design layer in VW 2018? Thank you in advance.


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