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  1. @Alex Sagatov Ive still be having issues (starting up the software and it then crashing) and was directed to tech team who solved it. But my license has been renewed but only for the 2017 version and not 2018. All my work is in 2018. Would it be possible to amend this?
  2. I have a 3d model of a site i am working on. I want to be able to flatten an arial view of it into a 2d drawing, whose lines i can then edit to tidy the image up. 'Section viewport - flatten image' only seems to work with top/plan, or elevation views, but i want a more irregular view, like ive shown in the below images>>
  3. I am drawing some trees on a plan with tree symbols. How do i change the size of each tree without effecting all of the others AND also keeping it a symbol, in case I want to change the shape/style of all the trees at once. TIA
  4. @Sky Gotcha, 2017 import it is
  5. @LeoJ Spoke too soon - dont worry found 'opening' under 'configuration' in window setttings
  6. @Sky Clicking Architect did the job for me
  7. @zoomer Sorry Im a newbie at vectorworks - how do you insert a window in 'opening only' mode?
  8. @rDesignThank you very much, just what i needed!
  9. @JimW ok thanks Jim!
  10. @JimW It doesnt for either of those. It cant be the file either as ive tried with some other files too. what else do you reckon it could be?
  11. @JimW Do you know why when I import a revit BIM object i cant see it on the page... I import, it loads and then just a blank page. These are the settings i chose:
  12. Does anyone know how to specify a cut line in a design layer so that the staircase appears to be clipped in half, as is a common form of plan presentation (image 1) And can anyone tell me why the segment of wall above the glass screen (image 2) still appears on the plan on the sheet layer (image 3) even though the cut line is below it (image 4) TIA
  13. @JimW That fixed it! I was bizarrely on another colleagues workspace. Many thanks
  14. Anyone know why my vectorworks doesnt show the 'import revit...' option. Im on 2018 SP3


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