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  1. Hello I can't seen the b-eye effect on a K20. On a Rayzor, I can't seen the infinity pan and tilt. On Capture, it's works, so the problem don't come from the desk. Is it a way tu seen it on Vision? Thank's.
  2. I already do that and they change nothing 😞
  3. It was everytime. Working on different drawing and a collegue with a laptop Apple don't have the problem and it was smooth with all. Me with a "big" computer, it don't work Thank's
  4. Hello, I've got VW2018 and the soft is terrible slow. My computer is a Windows10, Intelcore I7 3.6GHz, 32Go RAM, Gefroce GTX 1080 TI Everytime, the processing use max 18% and the RAM max 11Go WHY????? Can you help me? The service of Vectorworks don't answer me. Thank's a lot
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