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  1. REYES

    Renderworks curved geometry shows shattered

    Thanks Kevin, It happened that the geometry was somehow corrupted and copying it to a new file solved the issue with the Custom Renderworks visualization problem. Reyes
  2. Even if the Curved Geometry is set to 'Very High' some of the curved elements come out shattered when rendered with Renderworks. As you can see, at the revolving door (modeled not plugin) or the street light outside (imported from sketchup). It shows perfectly fine in the Open GL (also attached) mode or in the hidden line. Any ideas on what might be the problem? I can send over the file if needed... Thanks!
  3. REYES

    Cannot edit textures in VW2018.

    I have the same problem. Some of my materials default to Obj. Size 0 all the time.


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