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  1. VW2020 SP3.1 Having a similar issue. Unable to export image at all. Thumbnail is black... just an empty file. A very basic render, only 3 textures and 11 parts lol
  2. Because of my region i'm still on SP1.... Hopefuly they pull finger soon 🙂 SP1 is a bit... unpredictable in areas 🙂
  3. If you duplicate a layer and then try to change the stacking order straight away it crashes VW2020. The workaround is to duplicate the layer, then close the layer screen, open it back up and change the order. Does anyone else have this issue?
  4. I agree regarding stopping rendering, previous versions I could stop a render with the esc key, however 2020 seems to only work about 10% of the time. You get stuck having to wait for a process to end 😞
  5. Hi, Just to add to this after such a long time. I'm on windows 10 and this has happened to 2019 sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4 sp5. It's left not responding and required end task. @Tmorgan Our IT has almost everything locked down. No admin access and behind a company proxy server. I'm wondering if you are in the same boat and it's something like this causing the issue? Maybe it trys to access the internet or a protected folder? Just thinking outside the box 🙂 Edit: Or did you solve the problem?
  6. Hi all, Just an update. All is working well with the proxy since the fix. I just have a suggestion. If the proxy is turned off in the settings is it able to retain the proxy text so it can be enabled again without having to retype the details? Easy peasy 🙂
  7. @Lyuben Yes 8.0.0803 Yes it supports auth The proxy address resolves to a local IP address within our network. I will send you the .ini file with the proxy settings (password removed)
  8. @inikolova The not starting with windows issue is me, my bad.. thats fixed. But it still sits there blank.
  9. Hi @Lyuben & @inikolova The proxy may be working now however I have a couple of other issues now: (Invalid server message has gone) Not auto starting with windows Blank window (see attached image) It flashes with no internet connection breifly about every 30 seconds The screen did display after launching via vectorworks and did connect perfectly, but since logging in has disappeared again. OK, I have no idea whats going on now. I seems so buggy and unstable. The display keeps flashing with no internet connection, then the log in screen (which took about 10 attempts because it kept disappearing) then it seems to open fine and connected. On restart it's back to a blank screen. I really need this working to do my job. Can this be rolled back to the version that worked until someone has tested this one properly? Regards Jason
  10. @WhoCanDo Nope, all good here 🙂
  11. @inikolova have you had any luck with this yet? 😥
  12. Hi all, The VCS just updated to version 8. It will no longer accept our proxy settings. Manual settings show 'invalid server' (IT has confirmed it is set correctly) Auto Detect has 'No Internet Connection' No Proxy aslo has 'No Internet Connection' The previous versions worked fine. Currently stuck with no cloud sync :(
  13. Hi all, I'm having an issue with clip cube and rendering textures. With the clip cube on it makes edges of solids look rounded or curved faces. One image is Clip Cube off, the other is on. Thats the only change. The texture is colour only, with no reflection/trans/bump. The same thing happens on the ends of nib walls as well Cheers Jason
  14. Hi, I have some mesh baskets that use transparency within the texture. These objects are invisible when rendered (visible with Open GL, but not fast/final/custom). If i remove any trans from the texture they become visible again... this is in viewport only as they appear in design layer correctly


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