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  1. Anrika

    Model command

    Lesson learned!
  2. Anrika

    Model command

    Hello Kevin, Solved! I had already created a blank file and had only tried to section a sphere with a 2d rectangle to no avail. I substituted the rectangle with an extruded line and it worked! "Extruded" was the keyword here! Thank you so much!
  3. Anrika

    Model command

    I have Vectorworks 2018. All of a sudden, after hours of normal work, the Model ( add, subtract, intersect and section ) command does not appear as available ( grey ). I quit and restarted, installed updates and reset everything and it still is unavailable. Has anyone encountered this?
  4. Anrika

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    The exact same thing happens to me.
  5. Anrika

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    I have the same issue in 2018 and seems to be related to the complexity of the render. When I delete elements in my workspace renderworks finishes the render.


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